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  1. KelseyAnn24

    Day 26

    So today I've got a hurtful zit on my chin more near the center than where I get them usually near my jawline. Lathered the BP on there, expecting this to grow into a big one. also noticed a small Whitehead on right side of my chin - again put BP on there, hopefully this one won't turn big red and with a huge Whitehead but that's my luck these days trying to remain positive - the more stressed out I get about these spots the worse it will get. I'm pretty sick & tired of feeling rubbish
  2. KelseyAnn24

    Day 24

    Haven't posted in a while. I was hoping I'd be able to come back on here with good news, unfortunately not the case! So since my last post my skin has seemed to improve, but not for long. Yesterday I had no active spots, yes lots of scars but I thought okay, maintaining this no-spot skin will be good and the scars will fade in time. However, woke up this morning to 4 new spots with a couple I can see probably braking through in the next few days. Gutted!!! Couldn't stop myself from crying, I
  3. oh right sorry! Yep those are my worst part too every spot turns big and red and leaves those dark red marks after. It's the worst because it makes me look like I have more active spots on my face than I actually have! I heard bio oil is good? At the moment I'm just waiting for the outbreaks to stop before I apply anything else to my face...
  4. oh really, that's encouraging to hear! Since I've been on this new treatment (14 days) I have seen some slow improvements I think - still getting spots but in general the activity seems to be calming down. I'm in the middle of exams right now, I know the stress doesn't help so I'm hoping when I'm done with those it will get better even more so! Aw I completely understand how you feel about prom, I am going on holiday in a few weeks too and so bad want it to get better by then. I guess it's good
  5. hmm maybe, I am still using it expect it's mixed with some BP now (cream is called epiduo). I guess that puts me on about 7-8weeks of differin use... still not much improvement, and all spots are turning into huge whiteheads. I think that's the BP though. Will continue to use it, I doubt it can make it worse that what it already is
  6. I have changed to lymecycline now, the doxy really wasn't doing anything by 2 months and so me and my doctor agreed it probably isn't effective. I've been on lymecycline for a week but still at the same point. I purge, get huge whiteheads,they go and then another small lump just turns into the most massive inflamed whitehead ever! It's so horrid. How're things going for you? Hopefully better!
  7. KelseyAnn24

    Day 8

    Making this blog to vent my feelings. Prior to this current treatment tried doxycycline for 2 months with no improvement - since then my skin has gotten worse. anyway, currently on lymecycline. Tried this one when I was 17 (22 now) so hoping it will work the second time. currently, my skin is awful - the acne was initially concentrated on just my right cheese/jawline but has since break to my left jawline. Woke up today with a bit on my forehead - first one I've had there in months. I'm
  8. Hi Guys, Been on doxy & differin cream for ~ 1.5 months. Had initial purging in the first 2 weeks, then things started getting better. As well as these medications I am on the combined pill, I have been drinking lots of water, I've been going gym 3 times a week and I've been using sunbeds once a week (I KNOW THIS IS NOT ADVISED ON DOXY! but I haven't burned). I wear makeup maybe 2 days a week (if that) and when I wear it it's only concealer and powder. Last week I went abroad for work fo