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  1. OMG its been soooooooo long since i last visited this.I can safely say IM ACNE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...YAAAY..I dont evn have a single mark on my face...it feels so damn good...my fac is much better thn it ever was!!best of luck everyone!
  2. Nearly 3 weeks off Accutane n Im happy coz no new acne ...my skin isnt dry anymore but it feels better this way honestly.....my hair was so dry under accutane..thought i was gonna get bald...it still isnt great...but its feels loads better...Im glad I got off Accutane when I did...its pointless stayin on the drug after ur acne has improved...coz there are too many side effects..maybe I didnt notice them much while on the drug..but now I definately feel the difference!..Happy holiday season ever
  3. Hey!If theres one thing Ive learnt abt acne besides the fact that it sucks!...is that it requires patience!my derm also wanted me to go on topicals n stuff in the beginning but I was so determined to start on the tane...i got my way!lol...all the best to you!! now my course is over...havent noticed much of a change really...though guess its gonna take time...my hair suffered a lot under accutane....i lost so much I thought i was gonna grow bald!but now it feels so much better...of course oil mas
  4. IM DONE!!!!!!!!!19th Nov 2007...the day I stopped with Accutane....dunno it seems strange but Im actually kinda glad its over with....everything was getting too dry...Now my hair n face seem livelier n no acne of course!!!il update on my progress...hopefully acne free forever!!*fingers crossed!
  5. Hey!Its great to hear ur doin well....hopefully great skin is gonna continue well after our Accutane course gets over*touchwood*...which for me too is the end of Nov...but Im paranoid abt breakin out in Dec...so Im gonna continue till d new year!lol Just one problem with Accutane is that Im sheading hear like a cat!!my hair has become really thin...ppl recommended oiling it but Im afraid of the oil causing acne!!any solutions anyone??
  6. Well skins doin fab!No breakouts at all...this seems unreal....I mean even before the acne I had the occasional breakout!but now it seems everything is goin great...just one hitch ...Im off Accutane in a couple of days n Im so freaked out abt that...so I decided to continue till the new year!lifes good at d moment....got exams comin up in a bit...then Christmas time...Id never imagined Id be acne free in time for Christams...Im soooooooooooooo happy!
  7. Ok skin still doin great!It feels so good...ul have no idea!wen I see so many ppl with acne I really feel sorry for them coz I know exactly what its like!In fact Im now the one givin out skin advie to ppl!!It feels so good to just have normal blemish free skin...feels awesome! I went swimming the other day...no change in my skin though was initially worried.Think Im gonna continue with Accutane into the next yr lol.Im also workin out a lot so now Im down to my lowest ever..think Il disappear
  8. Well didnt make it through the competetion! guess cant have it all...but Im still acne free...Ive gotta stop Accutane by the end of Nov n Im completely freaked out that my acne's gonna come back!lol....so maybe Il extend it till the New Year...dunno if thats really possible but there is so much goin on in Dec Il be paranoid abt breakin out then! The only disadvantage for me in taking Accutane is that I cant use my lenses n since I cant bear goin around with reading glassses I guess my eyes real
  9. Hey!I think ppl do check in on ur log.....great to know ur makin such amazing progress..Accutane has done wonders for me too!Im on day 103 and my acne has totally gone n my skin is absolutely so low maintenance....cleanser is all I use!The drug is seriously amazing..the side effects hardly reallly make a difference compared to the benefits!just worried if the acne's gonna come back after the course is over*fingers crossed* hope the acne has gone forever!
  10. Hey!best of luck with your course...guess we started out at nearly the same time..Accutane really has helped...random breakouts may occur I guess due to stress but even the most normal skin breaks out occasionally.......Ive been lucky.Im deathly scared of the time when Im gonna go off the drug..what if my acne comes on again...but *fingers crossed*..Im gonna try to take the best care of my skin...n probably be on Vitamin A supplements too... A huge all state singin competetion is comin up
  11. Hey I just happnd to read your log...truly amazing results n very inspirational...Accutane cleared me completely of acne n my skins even better now than it was before!amazing!
  12. Hey!I started on 1st of July...so on day 95.....in the beginning I was on 10mg..then increased it to 20 mg.What dose are you on?I never suffered from any side effects really...except dry lips n hair...n my derm advised me to stop wearing contact lenses as ur eyes become dry...but it has helped me so much..havent got any new breakouts for so long..my face is clear n smooth..its very taut ..wish I cud stay on this drug forever!
  13. k life considerably better since last update!everything goin well.....skin completely clear...its also looking flushed ..guess its coz of all the gymming...I guss Im really overdoing it now....need to cut down...got exams comin up in 2 days n Im so not prepared..need to start focussing on studies for a change I guess...but its just that ever since my acne's gone my life has changed so dramatically....I go out,hang out with everyone and generally have a good time1guess that just proves that there
  14. Skin doin good...really its great...my life sucks at the moment though..Im feeling terribly low n depressed.. the one guy I thought would never hurt me has done just that....we were so good together...now its all over and life sucks.Just hope I get over it and can move on..itl probably take some time but I gotta get a move on.Thankfully I dont have to deal with acne also...my skins completely clear...hopefully my pathetic state at the moment wont effect my skin...ciao!
  15. Hey!well Il be completing 3 months end of September...so almost the same as you....Im in my second year at university so almost gotten used to the grind n stress....ur right stress doesnt help acne..only makes it worse so try avoiding it best you can.good luc with ur course! nothin new to report.....skin is the same...there is dryness but I guess I can live with that!Im workin out in the gym like crazy these days n Im weighing my lowest ever!lol...hope that doesnt effect my course...does fee