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  1. @byescar I'm wondering how was your experience with Dr. Rullan? It's been a few months since your last post on TCA Cross + needling on your scars. Appreciate if you can share your experience. Good day!
  2. This question is directly for those who felt dry after using Dan's cleanser previously. I'm wondering have you guys had try the new one since Dan changed his ingredients. Thank you! No offense to Dan or anyone who worships his cleanser. Anyone's skin type is different, so please don't tell me or leave messages that Dan's cleanser is not dry at all. An honest statement is that it is a decent cleanser and LESS drying than lots of cleansers out on the market. So, let's save us some time to read yo
  3. thanks, 'headtrip_honey! Now it makes much more sense to me. I gotta try it again with your steps. Thanks!
  4. I've been reading posts saying that they use jojoba oil as makeup remover? What are the steps to do it? I tried it before, but very very greasy....not sure it cleaned my makeup or clogged my pores.... need to wait for awhile to see if I will get any acne... Here is what I did 1. clean and dry hands. 2. put jojoba oil and massage on my dry face with makeup on 3. wet my facial sponge and wipe my face 4. my face is still very very greasy at this point. I continue splash water on my face....still v
  5. How do you guys use jojoba oil as a makeup remover? You put the oil on dry face with dry hands, then rinse it off? Thanks!
  6. Do you need to make it every time you use it or you can preserve the mix? Thanks!
  7. unfortunately, it also broke me out. I think it's the jojoba oil...
  8. acne also has things to do with lifestyle, diets and immune system. Both of my parents and my sibling do not have acne problem EVER....which is very unfair... I think to come off the regiment. You have to discover what was the cause that you had bacterials on your face while you were using BP to clear up. BP will kill all the bacterials. But if you cant figure out what was the cause of the bacterials, then there is no way you can leave the regiment. May be stop touching your face with your han
  9. if you have been using the regiment for 6 months, so you are using full dose of BP, right? Please make sure it's full dose for you now. AHA absolutely helps! Good luck!
  10. I dont think it's matter too much whether your hands are wet or not when you wash your face. It does matter if you hands are clean or not. Relax.
  11. dont pop them. unless they pop itself while you are washing your face. Otherwise, wait for the BP to dry them up. If you have cystic acne, you know it's gonna take almost a month to surface and another month to heal. BP helps to calm the acne and kills the bacteria inside. So hang in there. it's gonna take 2 to 3 months for you.
  12. yea. I think you should wait for a month before you add AHA. This regiment takes time, at least for 2 month to get clearing up. So, dont rush into putting extra products. AHA is not required for the regiment.
  13. I second with DHC Deep Cleansing oil. It's great stuff, but be careful and make sure you clean off all the cleansing oil. I usually put on the oil on dry face, then wet a cotton pad and use it to remove the cleansing oil. Then splash water on face, follow to use Cetaphil wash my face again. Totally clean and no irritation.
  14. are you doing Dan's regiment? How long have your been doing it? It's very important that you start with little dose of BP and work your way up over at least 4 weeks to full dose. First, if your skin has turned to be too dry, cut back the amount of BP. Second, dont overly moisturized your skin. Dryness and flakiness are normal when you first start with the regiment. Good luck!
  15. Hi All, I appologize if this is not a right place to post this. I always go to makeupalley.com to read products review, and I saw Dan's BP gel's got great reviews. Around 90+ people had left messages. I'm wondering if any of us have gotten great results from Dan's BP and would like to recommend others to try his products. I think makeupalley would be a good place. It is a decent site, and I have read quite a lot of honest reviews. I think spreading out a good word for people who just like us hav