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  1. I've been taking 200mg of Spiro now for about a year. I used to spot, but not much of a period. Now I just have a spotty period every other month!
  2. My skin started clearing up after 4-5 months. What I notice now is my skin is getting smoother and smoother and has a nice color. My pores are smaller and I don't get blackheads anymore either. I take 200mg every night.
  3. I've been on spiro now for a year and a half. My skin still keeps looking better and better. I now look better with NO MAKEUP~!
  4. The acne will probably come back if you get clear with spiro and then quit. I am not aware of anyone going off of it and staying clear.
  5. Janic, I misread your post with your dosage-sorry. I can't argue with your dr if he tells you to take it in the morning. I just know that I played around with mine and I pee a lot less if I take it at night. I probably get up twice to pee, but I fall back to sleep easily. During the day the more more active I am the less dizzy I get. When I first went on Spiro, I don't think I got my period for a while. Then I spotted. A lot. Annoying, but my face was clear- so what. I don't spot anym
  6. Janic, 50mg is a smaller dose compared to what most women find successful. I am prescribed 150mg and I will still get an occaisional pimple. If I take 200 (which I try to do but I push the limit with my insurance company on a refill) my face is completely clear. I haven't noticed hairloss (and I have long hair), but I do think it breaks easier now that it is drier. I used to HAVE to wash my hair everyday before spiro. Now I try to go 3 days before I wash it and it never looks oily. I thi
  7. Loci, I feel real badly for anyone who has acne. I know the pain. I'm sorry your treatment has not worked for you. I can almost see how too small a dosage would mess with things but not fix them. I also started on 50 and didnt see any results. My periods have normaled themselves over the 1.5 years I've been taking spiro. I only notice light bleeding and I have no other period symptoms. Occasionally I get dizzy if I stand up fast, but it is momentary. If I have a headache it is because I
  8. Be honest with you Dr and ask him to up the dosage. I did exactly what you did and he increased it.
  9. 50mg is a very small dose and may be the reason for your lack of success. I take 175, but I wish I was taking 200. When I take 200 my skin is PERFECT. At 175 I will get an occasional small teeny bump. My Dr will only prescribe 150 so I am always pushing the refill date- LOL. I broke out badly with Spiro when I started and had to add erythromycin (it really helped) and was afraid to go off of it when my skin cleared. I tapered off of it. See if your Dr will increase your dosage. What el
  10. Great News! My GP doctor did extensive lab work (more blood work, 24 hr urinary test and ultrasound of my kidneys). Although my GFR is still under 50, she says there was nothing that showed in my other tests that point to kidney disease. She says she doesnt treat blood tests, and that my ultrasound and urine were normal. I still have to get tested every 6 months now, but she said I can continue taking spiro! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. You might be a candidate for a copper IUD? Have you discussed this option with your GYN?
  12. Spironolactone is the generic of Aldactone. My derm says Aldactone works better, but I always get the spiro because thats what the insurance covers.
  13. You know...people on this board should list their location and derm that prescribe their spiro. Maybe it can be made into a sticky. With the results I have had I think it is important to share. I'll start... St Petersburg, FL- Spencer Dermatology
  14. Thanks for all your thoughts and advice. Its wierd. I've never been sick before in my life and I have a very healthy lifestyle. I exercise, eat well, I'm at a good weight. There is no family history of CKD. And I feel great now. Although I do feel like shit EVERY morning for about 20 minutes. I am anxious to see older blood work to see how long I have had a low GFR. I have been researching the kidney diet. Sucks. I love meat. I am tapering down my spiro. I dont think its good to
  15. I have been on spiro successfully for about a year and a half now. My skin went from horrible to perfect in 4 months. Last week I went to my gyn for my annual and I let her do my blood work since my last test was in December. I got a frantic call Tuesday morning that my results showed a big problem with my kidneys. I had her fax them to me and I had elevated creatinine levels as well as a GFR of 53. Since I didnt really know what the numbers mean and I dont feel sick, I assumed they were fa