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  1. Calcium d-glucarate was preventing any bloating from DIM but after months I started gaining weight! I guess I'll have to go back to my chinese doctor because there are no miracle pills/supplements.
  2. The best foundation for oily skin

    This is the best foundation for oily skin. I have tried many foundations and this one is my favourite. It covers all my scars and pigmentation but my skin looks natural and it lasts all day. I use it with a primer from benefit and I set it all up with Urban Decay's setting spray. 
  3. Try Calcium d-glucarate, it also detoxifies your body and it is very similar to DIM.
  4. I tried it for just over a year and it worked amazingly for me. I stopped and acne is slowing coming back; I am now waiting to go to China next week and see if I can find the pills there as I used to get them from my Chinese doctor but I cannot afford the consultations anymore.
  5. Hi Naja, I was taking Fu Fang An Chuang Wan pills and I was using the 101 Acne getaway toner for my scars + acupuncture twice a month. You can find the pills and toner on eBay but I used to get them from my Chinese doctor. I managed to keep my skin clear for a year but I believe acupuncture was the most important out of the three! I stopped going to my sessions and stopped taking the pills because I couldn't afford them anymore (it was £80 per session). My skin is now breaking out again mostly a
  6. Update: I was careless and my cysts returned with vengeance! Yep, I went on holidays and it was impossible to find gluten/dairy free food, so I had chocolate, steak tartare, macarons.....and the list goes on! (+didn't take my pills and didn't drink as much water) a few pimples appeared around my cheeks and jaw. Then, I had really spicy food (made me cry) and now I have three massive cysts on my cheek and temples. I bet it will take me some time to detox and get back into my routine, however I ha
  7. Free from

    Miracle toner

    Miracle toner

    This is like a toner that you use after washing your face, it's got a funny smell (but I actually like it) as it is a mix of herbs. I've been using it for 4 months and my acne is gone! It leaves your skin fresh, clean and makes skin soft and supple with time. I would also recommend to get acupuncture.
  8. UPDATE: My face is clear and I haven't experienced any major breakout since my last post. I only get the one small pimple during my period, which is fine compared to what my face was before. I feel confident going out without makeup (I never thought I would!) and my overall health has improved; I am more relaxed and optimistic. I also feel more energetic and 'lighter' (less bloated), my friends say I look slimmer even though my weight is the same. Today, my acupuncturist gave me a different kind
  9. APRIL 2017: After two months of weekly sessions with my local Chinese doctor, my skin looks CLEAR and radiant! I used to have mild acne (extremely oily skin with blackheads, whiteheads and 2-3 painful cysts everyday) mainly on my cheeks and temples but also on jaw, behind my ears and on my back. I suffered with acne for 17 years and tried everything: the regime, Retin-A, Roaccutane (for 1 year), antibiotics, the pill, Implanon (5 years), sulphur, tea tree oil, baking soda, turm