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  1. exactly.. Of course they will notice it....but like this guy said, they will be on the lifting or something and see your face, think "that guy has bad skin" and continue with what they were doing...they dont give a shit the gym is actually one of the one places you can go to relax and just workout.....atleast they will see that you are staying fit instead of sitting at home playing xbox
  2. First of all....no one cares Its different if you feel anxiety at school or the mall or work...but at the gym? No one gives a shit what your skin loooks like. Frankly, everyone just wants to get in there, work out, then get the fuck out...they go tehre to work out not to give a shit about a guy who WALKED BY's skin.... You dont have to interact with anyone...just exercise...no one cares seriously....again its different at other places, the gym is the one place where you shouldnt be a bitch
  3. gamefaqs espn youtube why the fuck would i come here first, this place is depressing
  4. 2 or 3 days a week for me.. It is a good stress reliever and makes you actually feel good about yourself (not about your face) but you atleast feel good about your body looking good how often do yall work out?
  5. Cause I have the blue moisturizer, and its small as hell. Was wondering if the new white bottles are bigger so they can last longer...Cause they are kind of expensive
  6. i used to love the spring and summer and daylight and sunlight and nice weather but now cause of my acne I hate it when the sun is out, would rather it be night all day
  7. I have used the same ID ive been using since i was a freshman
  8. Umm, lady who created this topic, no it shouldnt bother you at all. You sound like the really jealous type When i used to have a gf, when watching tv or a movie she would say something like damn that guy is hot or whatever, adn I would say something about a female celeb, and it didnt matter. We know who we love, but we cant just stop ourselves from being attracted to the opposite sex. I dont think you should let it bother you, cause for real, it means nothign
  9. In the morning I use acne.org's daily face wash in the shower, then when I get out of the shower I put on the acne.org's daily face lotion or moisturizer whatever At night I wash my face with acne.org's daily face wash, and then apply differin 0.3, then wiat 30 minutes and apply the lotion. It is always dry, when I wake up, get out the shower, and then when the evening comes my face is usually really oily Whats the deal?
  10. I mean I put on my lotion twice a day, yet every day it is still dry as hell, anything I can do? Should I change my face wash? Is it the differin?
  11. look up close in the mirror, and thats how the world will see you if they have good vision i know its not pretty but, i dunno i have bad eyes too, so when im further away from the mirror, i cant see it as much, but when im up close, doesnt look good at all
  12. i agree, black people, or dark skinned people in general acne is less visible. I have seen black people with a shit load of acne, and although it doesnt look pretty, it doesnt look terrible either. If a white person had that same acne, it would look a lot worse So anyone who is saying they dont agree with the topic, is dumb, because simply saying, based on PURE LOOKS, black people dont look as bad with acne, it almost blends in with their skin
  13. no the list doesnt go on. no offense but paparazzi take hundreds picture of celbrities with alot of flash causing spots (not acne at all) to pop up. ive never seen a celebrity with bad acne except maybe cameron diaz. but thats it. and alicia keys has beautiful skin http://heyugly.org/images/aliciaKeys2007%5B1%5D.jpg http://img.timeinc.net/essence/images/2007...air_220x238.jpg i dont see one spot on her?.. sorry it just i get mad when people excpect all celbrities to be perfect. one pimple on a
  14. man atleast you dont have to wrry about your face Go to college and the rest will pan out, tehre is nothing wrong with bagging groceries at your age Im having a lot of trouble getting thru college because of my skin
  15. Yeah like i said when im at work, doesnt really affect me, of course it sucks knowing its tehre, but the people are too nice, and we all have a job to do, so i dont really worry about it THe place i do worry about it is the mall, CLASS (the worst, HATE seeing people I know, because then im forced to say hi or something), or any restaurant
  16. Show me a celebrity with SEVERE acne, not some spots
  17. thanks I hope mine go away soon, they look like miniature acne
  18. I have never seen any evidence towards 9/11 being a conspiracy, just fat guys with acne speculating in their xanga's
  19. Google it? Lol do you believe everything you read on the internet? Seriously kid Did you hear that those buildings were hit by FUCKING PLANES. I dont know what they teach to you in highschool these days but if a 1500 foot skyscraper is hit by a FUCKING PLANE, it is going to go down
  20. yep...all these worldwide intelligence agency employees and former prime ministers are idiots. i think just looking at the long list of false flag operations that has happened in history then not considering that 9/11 may be one is idiocy. Exactly, you are an idiot. Planes crashed into buildings hijacked by terrorists, adn losers like you try to make it into a conspiracy by posting in their blogs on the internet
  21. I work at the hospital, and everyone is so damn nice there. I guess they have to be because they want to make the patients feel comfortable. But I havent met one mean person at the hospital, or even anyone who stares
  22. For all the idiots who tihnk it was an inside job or the government did it, well, you guys are idiots Anyway. I was in 8th grade and everyone was slowly being taken from school by their parents even before the plane hit the pentagon. When the plane hit the pentagon, school was canceled and parents were ordered to pick their kids up, and we missed school for the rest of the week