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  1. just looking to find a good cleanser that isnt so drying or reddening
  2. why is it that fluroescant light makes you appear the worst? That blows hard cause most public places like offices, classrooms and hospitals, etc use fluroescant lighting....damn
  3. Yeah my face is still red and dry, that is the reason he wants me to lower the strength, cause of the side effects. The redness is what bothers me the most cause my acne doesnt look as bad as it used to, but my face is still red, so i still look like shit. like my cheeks are just tomatoe red, and it looks real unattractive, especially since oyu can spot me from far away with this white skinned guy, who has this RED face Sucks ass And it helped with the acne, but i still have red marks right
  4. yeah i know what you mean, if it aint broke, dont fix it. Im skeptical to change my regimen after a year, just paranoid i guess
  5. awesome, thanks guys...yeah my derm said the same thing, the lotion isnt good cause it is too watery, he said to use the cream, just wanted to check with you guys thanks also is the cream oil free?
  6. Well have you heard of this happening before? Downgrading the medicine strength? Does that sound like a safe thing to do?
  7. He says I have no active acne, and wants to downgrade my differin strength from 0.3 to 0.1, to help with the bad side effects that 0.3 causes.....do you think this is a wise decision by him? Will my skin go back to being bad if i go on a weaker medicine?
  8. Im going to switch my moisturizer cause the acne.org one sucks, i was wondering if anyone uses the cetaphil moisturizing cream, and if they can give me any feedback on how it has helped or hurt you
  9. I told my derm about how expensive adoxa was, and he prescribed me GENERIC adoxa, he said there is no difference. Is he right? He said it was just cheaper....there has to be a difference....why would it be cheaper?? Has anyone used the GENERIC kind
  10. yeah man that was a year and a half ago for me, i took it for granted. I dont remember what it felt like not giving a damn. I would go to class in my PJ's not taking a shower and not giving a shit about the way i looked, and just chill relax no anxiety. Miss those days
  11. No offense, but I dont think you would be good for the MTV true life. You are actually the exact opposite of what true life is about. They want to show how tough life is, if you have watched any of there episodes you will see this.

    1. Is it bad to have shampoo on your face or something? Serious question And if you guys dont like getting your hair washed you can say I dont want shampoo, or you can go to a real barber shop, where they dont even have those washing sections Well, yeah. There's some weird ingredients in the shampoo/conditioner. It might cause a breakout! So what do you do in the shower then
    2. Is it bad to have shampoo on your face or something? Serious question And if you guys dont like getting your hair washed you can say I dont want shampoo, or you can go to a real barber shop, where they dont even have those washing sections
    3. No one will say anything to you about it, but people at work do stare, so yeah a lot of times it is uncomfortable. The job interview is the worst, I went in to my interview tipsy but was still very nervous cause job interviews are just so formal and I feel like im walking on egg shells. Honest to god I think the lady gave me the job out of pity, but oh well Im doing well at my job so it was a good decision on her part
    4. I had play kisses in 6th grade My first real kiss with my 10th grade girlfriend, I was 16
    5. I already know Im hot without acne, I had plenty of bitches in highschool, was considered pretty damn sexy....damn I miss those days, I used to just stare at myself in the mirror while working out and think God damn god created a masterpiece! Now im fucked up
    6. this would only be useful if the depressed person is suicidal
    7. Yeah thanks Jen, glad you know how it feels. And lol yeah I know staying home wont help anything, but it DOES feel good to just know that today, Im just going to relax and not worry about other people. Thanks
    8. Yeah man, I just called in sick tonite, was supposed to work the night shift at the hospital but my face looked like shit. It really sucks because I had gotten rid of all my acne, and was just left with horrible red marks (which still basically look like acne), but the last few days, have been waking up with more active blemishes and white heads (white heads are the worst, they stand out so much) So i said fuck it and called in sick....sucks man, i thought i was making good progress, i reall
    9. ehh Ive always ran 3 miles after I work out, hasnt affected my weight lifting negatively