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  1. Fuck no nothing good has come from acne in my life Changed who i am, the person, my personality has warped the past 5 years
  2. i can relate to you, i graduate this May and want to find a job, but there are so many other variables to working somewhere that we have to go through cause of our insecurities. My most used quote : FML
  3. Im 23 and just want to say. Life sucks ass! Im not one of those really depressed guys, but what sucks about life is that my skin stops me from doing something that i want to do NOW as a 23 year old, that i wont be able to do later in life. Like go to the clubs and stuff, or talk to girls, or go to teh beach, or even something small as putting your window down and enjoying the beautiful weather! This pisses me off, cause i know the REST OF MY LIFE i will look like this, cause i have these nas
  4. When people do second courses, is the accutane from the first course cumulative? Like maybe the second course will be shorter or not as high dosage?
  5. I use Cetaphil ultra hydrating lotion, it always makes my face look shiny and oily, very unpleasant. I have pretty dry skin i guess so i use it everyday, a lot of it. Am i just doomed to have oily skin in order to counter the dryness? Or is there a moisturizer out tehre that doesnt cause break outs, keeps me moisturized, and isnt too greasy?
  6. So the acne is going to come back since im not going to get the minimum dosage?
  7. Im almost at month 6, my acne isnt really there but my side effects are still horrible. After month 6 i will be like 1000 mg short of the minimum dose or whatever that i calculated using help from this board, will that mean there is a good chance that my acne will return? There is literally no acne on my face right now, but the dryness is severe, my face is very red, scarring is getting bad, bloody and painful stools, headaches every morning, etc. My derm said she wanted to stop me at 5 month
  8. What are the chances of the accutane not working if i dont reach teh max dose?
  9. Why exactly must i take more than 6 months? What if my acne is cleared up by the end of 6 months but i only took 40 mg?
  10. fuck man there is no way i can stay on this drug for 8 months, it is terrible and fucking up my life
  11. My derm took a look at my side effects, and prescribed me 40 mg AGAIN. I am going into my 3rd month, so like 65 days or so im on. I dont mind staying at 40 mg because the side effects are really bad. My skin is really red, and i mean really really red that it looks worse than the acne actually. Combine that with the extreme dryness, no matter how much i moisturize, my skin is still dry. I also told her about my head aches when i wake up, it feels like i am hungover everyday, its pretty bad.
  12. Lol aight thanks, i got the 18,000 because i used pounds, i got scared for a second. Yeah so my minimum appears to be around 8,000. I will probably try to stay at 40 mg (if my derm lets me) for atleast one more month, then maybe bump it up to 50 or 60 Thanks Shantelle for your helpful advice too
  13. I have completed just about one month of accutane at 40 mg, my derm gave me one more month prescription of 40 mg, but she said the next month she wants to bump me up. I dont want to go up, because my side effects are really bad, and was wondering if there is a specific threshold number of mg's that you have to reach to end the accutane treatment?
  14. I have been on accutane for about a week, and was at a strip club lol and had a beer, is this going to slow down the process? Is drinking going to do more damage to my liver since im on accutane? I dont plan on binge drinking but i was wondering if having a beer or two is really bad for you while on accutane
  15. Do you take the pill at morning or night? Also do you still use a facial wash while on accutane like cetaphil or will that cause too much dryness
  16. Okay thanks for the helpful responses, i am still worried about getting on the drug cause i have to work and my work involves interacting but i think i can handle it
  17. Am going to start Accutane in September but worried about a personality change. Honestly my face has been so fucked up i dont care if it makes me dry or oily or red or whatever, i have gotten used to that. I am scared about my everyday life being changed because of this drug
  18. I was a somewhat depressed a couple years ago (not anymore, I work, go to school, have a social life) but I am worried that this depression could come back and my job and school and social life will go downhill. It is hard enough to have bad acne and my job and schooling both involve talking to a lot of people, which I am okay at doing but in the back of my mind I always think about my skin, but it doesnt bother me. If i take accutane will this have a serious effect on my moods and socializing
  19. I came here to ask this exact question, looked at the first page and found this topic I am 22 and drink about once a week but very heavily, I get shitfaced, fucked up, twisted, probably on a good night 10+ beers I am not on accutane, but am considering it. Would i have to change my drinking habits? When you guys say moderation, do you mean drink less at one time, or just spread out your drunk nights?
  20. Nah you are just supposed to apply it like a moisturizer on the affected areas The thing is that my face is irritated and red BECAUSE of the exfoliation, so I dont know I think I will continue using it until i see my derm again, which is march 13th, and I will bring up a few points that were made in this topic, really question her What I want to know is is this salycylic acid supposed to just help the removal of the excess dead skin, or is it going to prevent it. I can exfoliate without this
  21. Okay but lets say my condition is severe, liek the build up of dead skin is a lot, something strong like that salycylic acid would seem appropriate or is it too extreme? And again, I know yall cant see what it looks like or know what it is, yes, I think i will get a 2nd derm's opinion The derm lady also said that if I use this for a few months it should solve the problem, I might stick with it but I dunno
  22. well the derm prescribed me salycylic acid cream 6%, she told me to put that on morning and night on the affected areas, but use the cetaphil on the rest of my face. The redness and whatever this dead skin is is on my cheeks under my eyes and next to my nose Do yall think its a good thing to use this salycylic acid cream, I want to prevent this from coming, I dont want to continue wiping it away every day for the rest of my life. Everytime I "wipe" it away it makes the area really red and bur