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  1. damn i wish i had your skin you only have it on your lower cheeks/chin area i have it everywhere
  2. When you used to be able to go to class, and not be so conscious of who is looking at you When you used to go to parties, and not have to stand outside on the balcony or in the dark When you used to be able to talk to a girl and feel confident When even trivial things, such as ordering food, werent so damn hard Bottom line: When you used to have a social life Straight up, acne is affecting me more then just my skin, it is ruining me socially... It sucks, and a lot of times I reminisce about
  3. i rarely leave my house during the day, except to walk my dog at night ill go out but usually only on fridays or saturdays so this summer has been pretty bland thanks to my fucking acne
  4. ^^no you dont dude, these are pics from over a year ago, you DO NOT want to see me now
  5. First of all these are all pics of me before i had SEVERE acne, so i wasnt on any type of medication im too embarrassed to post pictures of what i look like now, too disgusting anyway, do you think i have that disease, and if my acne ever goes away, will the redness go away with it?? I dont know much about this disease that causes redness and i have no idea whats in my hair but its not lice or dandruff lol im the guy btw, i have no solo close ups srry
  6. Well thank you for the quick and helpful responses Im going to visit my derm in about 2-3 weeks so well talk then.... Thanks!
  7. whenever im smacked, my face becomes blush red and so do my eyes (given) so im not an attractive high lol thats why at parties i tend to only drink, and ill just smoke when im with my friends or alone
  8. damn i guess thats horrible news when you say regimen, do you mean change my daily schedule in terms of what i do for my acne or change my medicine altogether btw...the side effects really suck, thats why this is an EMERGENCY!!
  9. Hi this is my first post on this forum Ive had acne since 11th grade (about 2-3 years) but it was never SERIOUS or SEVERE until about 6 months ago, and im in panic mode now because it is ugly!! So i went to see a derm and he put me on Doxycycline and tazorac, and ive been on them for atleast 2 months, and NO RESULTS!! In fact, it appears to be getting worse...The pamphlet that came with the ish said give it 90 days....well, 90 days is approaching, and havent seen any improvement For anyone wh