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  1. I started drinking it twice a day since about july-august.I used to have really bad back acne,also on my chest and shoulders and of course face.By now,my back-chest-shoulders' acne is 100 % gone.My face cleared up before,but at this moment I have a lot of stress and my face has broken out again,thank god not on my chest and back at least.And I forgot to mention I also use it topically,I dilute it 50:50 with water and use on face every day,on back and chest few times a week.In the beginning I use
  2. FWIW, white horizontal lines on the finger nails indicate a zinc deficiency.
  3. Hello to all, Just wanted to share my experience with B5.I took it for about 2 months and didn't notice any change in my acne.Though I intended to try it at least 3 months,the side effects made me stop taking it. I was on Vilantae first off.My hair started to fall out after 1 month,I noticed hair everywhere,floor,bed,sink.And then my nails turned into really weird color and became dry.They were half white half bright pink(upper part was pink then).I stopped taking it about a week ago and my nai
  4. ok,as I've been on Vilantae about 5 weeks for now I'm going to continue with it,cause 5 weeks is definitely not enough time to decide whether it's working for me or not.I'll keep taking it at least 3 months and if my acne hasn't started to clear up by then, it's probably not working for me. At the moment I'm still experiencing that strange breakout on my lower back,the ones on my face have dried up.I haven't got cysts on face normally but only get them before periods.In general I would say it l
  5. Hi I've read posts about Vilantae(vitamin B5) here and know initial breakout is normal and happens almost to everyone, but am still a bit concerned. So,I've had acne since I was 13, now I am 21.In last 2 years it had spread from my face also to my back and chest.It is not severe,I'd say moderate probably.On my face it's all over,and now also back,chest,and shoulders.I often get periods when my skin clears up totally and don't have and breakouts for weeks and I can even go out without any cove
  6. I took Diane35 about 2 years ago and it broke me out really bad.It caused me back and chest acne that I never had before and that hasn't gone away since today.I stopped taking it after 1 month cause the breakouts just got worse and worse,but unfortunately the effects of it are still there...My doctor said if it causes that bad breakout then it doesn't suit me. You should maybe consider changing pills,with me is that other pills like Logest,I'm not sure if you have them in your country,they don'