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  1. are you really a Filipino?

  2. wow its hard for me to trust TJ. the last time i went there i was 7 and there was a transvestite trying to hit on my bro and he was like 14 lol. plus i hear all these stories. man these border cities are bad like Juarez, TX and TJ are pretty bad. actually juarez is mexico but is right next to el paso.
  3. Well I am, like many people in acne.org, scarred from acne. Since breakouts have significantly reduced, I want to treat the redmarks, deep scars, and other types of scars. Unfortunately at the moment I can only afford the micro- and dermabrasions, which I can pay from 100-150 bucks. And even worse for me medical science now has treatments like Fraxel and Active FX. I can only afford with credit, which i have virtually none. The two places That are closest to me (in Los Angeles) accept CareCredit
  4. i have a question: are you having problems with CareCredit? I have read numerous reviews of unsatisfied users. I was wondering whether there was any hope of getting a treatment myself.
  5. Well I saw a video of a laser treatment being done by this place called the South Coast MedSpa. Has anybody gone there? They are willing to give me ActiveFX or this pro-fraccional treatment all around 80-115 dollars a month over 60 months. I am willing to undergo this procedure but I simply want to ask if anybody knows anything about this place, and if those treatments are recommendable for somebody with a dark complexion. thanks everyone!!
  6. well im not really sure if i did it right or not. i put cortizone first (anti itch cream) and then some bactine, and after did the dermaroller. i bled ina few areas... didnt hurt though...
  7. Hey guys I just bought a 2.0 mm dermaroller and im probably going to begin using it tonight *hoping for good results*. After I use it, what do I do? How do I sterilize it for the next use? Is rubbing alcohol ok?
  8. as for the dermaroller off ebay, will any work??? does this actually work?? if people tell me it does, then i will try this too... ill probably get the 2.0 mm oh, and one more question... this may sound a bit dumb but, whatever result you get from the dermaroller, say it showed some improvement, but not really the desired result, can i get another form of treatment later on?? like, maybe some laser treatments.....?
  9. Well, I'm very interested in trying some injections to my scars. But before I see a dermatologist I would like to hear some advice from those who have done the procedure. What is the average cost? and after the injection, how long is the downtime? If at a reasonable price and little downtime, I'd be willing to do it several times a year, but not if the risks are high or the recovery is long... I don't live near a dermatologist so I would like to hear from others before I go to the derm.
  10. Well, I'm in my senior year in high school. I managed to endure almost four years of bad acne. On the brighter side, it is almost gone, but the scars are here to stay (hopefully not for long!!!)... I've been absent from acne.org for a while now, and so much has changed! I feel so naive when I look through scar treatments. Here is a picture of me now... I have several scars all over my face, and I would appreciate it if you guys recommended me something, so I may take it into consideration. Thank
  11. i realized that heat always makes me break out. its winter and my skin feels so fresh in the cold weather. may be outta the topic worth telling. im almost free of breakouts. the only thing I have are the scars (uneven skin) and some marks. I use proactiv, but maybe once every two days or so. i use an ice cleanser by biore (about 6 bucks at target) and that alone works wonders in my opinion. I also use a salicylic acid astrigent (also by biore, and about 6 bucks at target). i eat lots of crap, by
  12. wow, its been ages since i logged into acne.org... well, its been about two years, i guess... my acne never got better with ANYTHING... if i ever do manage to get rid of active acne, ill have LOTS of scars and uneven skin... i suppose it is a scam. i saw one on myspace.com in an add... they're all scams, people, and i was getting ready to buy it!!
  13. Well, i do feel paler when I look at myself closer to the mirror. I think so far is just lightened my skin to a lighter brown. I'm about half way through the 2nd bar. What causes the paleness is the Papain in the soap (or the real papaya). I'm dark brown skinned, so it might take a while I'll keep updating every once in a while. The marks have faded a little. It COULD be natural, i'm not so sure.
  14. Update: Well, When you look close, I do look as if I'm pale. It gets really sunny here in California during this time of year, so i think my sunscreen doesn't do much. Well, i'm almost done with my first bar, so i'll hope the second will have a better effect. At first, when i took a shower, you would get like this white stuff on your arms that looked all powdery and stuff, but i don't get it anymore It could be that it's because I've used up almost all of it... Also, I ordered from a person i
  15. Well, i'm sorry to say i can't answer that question. I'm on tretinoin cream right now, so it might be that... My acne count has dropped somewhat significantly, but the marks are still there. I admit, though, that they look a little diminished, but it might be because of the paleness...