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  1. Yeah, I'm gonna be drinking the ACV, not doing the toner method. And there's no way I could drop the baby brush method, it's way too beneficial.
  2. I'm using all 3 of Dan's products + baby brush, zinc, and fish oil. I was desperate today so I drove out to a whole foods market and got some organic Apple Cider Vinegar. I'll see how that works out.
  3. So for the first month, I had like 2 outbreaks, and I was on my way to clear skin. My skin looked awesome and it felt like "any day now" I could be clear of acne. But then week 5 came around and my forehead started to erupt with acne. I have HUGE zits on my forehead the size of a damn tomato. And a week ago, I got my first zit since being on the regimen that was below the forehead, and now my cheeks have a lot of active acne again. The way my forehead looks, you'd think I was showering in McDona
  4. The Cetaphil is VERY thick and greasy and it leaves a shine. Plus, it just flat out feels weird on my skin.
  5. I was looking at old threads from years ago to try and find new things, and I found a thread about someone who got remarkably clear by drinking organic lemon juice every day. Is anyone still doing this with good results?
  6. Hot Bananas. What brand is it?
  7. - It's not my hair. I hate long hair and I always keep my hair very short. - I'm taking GNC Mega Men's and it has 150 mcg Iodine. Is that too much? - I'll never stop the baby brush, it's doing way too much good. My face is as smooth as a baby's bottom.
  8. My fish oil capsules give me 840(or is it 850?) mg of Omega 3 per pill. So I only have to take 4 a day. I love it
  9. So, I just completed my 3rd week of the regimen and am on the 4th. Today, I woke up with huge pimples all over my forehead and face. I hate this. Ever since I started the regimen I've had less pimples but the pimples have multiplied in size into what looks like a Volkswagen Beetle on my face... Can the weather be an issue? I live in Las Vegas, and it is not humid at all there. 115 degrees feels like its 80. But right now I'm in Los Angeles where it's ridiculously humid and 80 degrees feels like