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  1. I think the linear scars he is referring to are the kind of long ones you have in the middle picture on what would be -I think- your right cheek. They are long and perhaps would not do well with subcision- but I think subcising around them would fix a lot of the depth, because it is being pulled down by the tethering around it. I have similar scarring to yours and I am hoping to do ~2 or 3 subcisions, followed by infini rf, and then TCA peels and microneedling. I am looking forward to seeing you
  2. Microneedling will not help this scar, and rolling is never recommended for the face. You will need subcision to break the tethering, perhaps with filler. You may need 3 treatments of this.
  3. I am familiar with that article, but there is a huge difference between 15% TCA and 25% TCA. Also, you must remember that those results were achieved in a lab-setting where things are carefully controlled and sterilized. The doctors are familiar with how skin should respond and would be able to react quickly to any dangerous side effects that appear. Someone at home would not have the same expertise. I do like that study, however, and I do agree with the results they were able to achieve.
  4. Heyyyy hehe I've been MIA because I started medschool this semester! Excited to start my scar treatment journey soon though! But yeah, I agree- the more rough you are with your skin, the longer you should wait!! There is no point in introducing even more damage
  5. Definitely do NOT do them on the same day, or even within the same week. This would be dangerous and harmful to your skin. Do one each month.
  6. Yes- exactly that. It means scars that are all of the same type and the same plane/depth (usually boxcar.)
  7. Hey, I was in Korea over the summer for 2 months. I would bet the procedures are a lot more affordable there than in the U.S. The typical person there seems quite pampered and done up. It is definitely accessible to the average-income person there
  8. Those divots are going to need subcision to start out with. I would say some you could get away without filler, but there are deeper ones which would really benefit from it (right by your mouth, near your ear.) You should start with that, and expect to need 3. Instead of filling, some areas could also be suctioned, but filler would be best. Afterwards (or in-between, depending on your healing and free time) 3 infini RF to address left-over atrophy and skin irregularities. From there, many man
  9. @star-fox Hey there! Yes, Infini is great for both of those, but of course subcision would be best for any scars that are tethered. Infini won't give you perfection because it doesn't treat the skins surface, but it will definitely help fill in pitting or depressions
  10. Hey guys- thank you for your support. This is is an old post hehe and my scars have gotten less red in the past few months. Also, I finished university and just started medschool this month so keeping busy has definitely helped me focus less on my scarring. Unfortunately I've had to extend my accutane course, and my acne seems to just get worse over time. Been on for almost 7 months now. Still looking forward to improving my scars, especially the large rolling areas
  11. Hey- as for the cosmetic breakouts, I would check all of your products for their comedogenic rating on a website called cosdna. It shows how likely each ingredient is to break you out- rating 0-2 should be fine, but 3+ can cause breakouts! I check all of my skincare products on there and I don't allow anything more than a 1.
  12. Don't worry, she means herself and other girls, not you!!
  13. You also appear to have shallow but wide boxcars as well. None of your scars are severe, they're just widespread. Don't worry though!! At home I would recommend getting some TCA (ranging from 70-100%) and doing TCA cross. More information on this can be found in beautifulambition's scar treatment forum post. I would suggest not treating them all at the same time, but treating them in sequences, making sure that you don't treat 2 that are close together so you avoid bridging them
  14. Yes it was free. I suggest that you call around at offices and see if they offer it. I feel like a lot of places do subcision, but they don't really advertise it because it isn't as "cool" or "trendy" as lasers/peels. Best of luck to you!!! My doctor also suggested Erbium laser, but when I told him I wasn't interested in that yet, he stopped talking about it and we moved on to subcision and what to expect from that
  15. I would not go to this doctor. He obviously doesn't care much. Also, if he didn't even look at your scars in angled lighting, he is bound to miss so many spots during an actual procedure. To give you another perspective, my surgeon spent an hour with me at a consultation, took photos, looked at my scars in angled lighting, touched the scars, and asked me which scars bothered me the most/ what about the scars was most distressing to me (color, texture, depth.) With him, each subcision will be