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  1. How to swap a product on MUA? Most of the high-grade skincare are really expensive, but can last for months and give better result. The problem is that you don't know whether that HG skincare works on your skin better than the cheaper one. Well, sometimes I think choosing skincare is kinda a gambling... if it works, you save your money and earn good skin.. if it breaks you, you lose your money plus your skin. At first I use Golden Fair Intensive and thought that this is my color. Later I star
  2. I second the emotional pain. As for me, it doubles the stress to face the fact that it breaks me and to throw the expensive product away. Most of the time I spend $$$ because of the beauty advisors who told me to pick a series of regimen to gain 'maximum' result. Although I had set my mind not to get influenced by the BA, at the end still bought what she suggested. I wish I can claim for money refund when their products break me..
  3. In the search of good skincare, I believe some people, especially those with skin problems, often ended up in trial and error, although maybe most of the reviews said the product is good and not causing breakouts. I'm really curious about what people usually do with the products that breaks the face because most of the skincare/makeup are expensive and rarely producing the small sizes (except for EM.. I really adore their free samples). If you continued using it, you know you'd ruin your face
  4. Hi! I have the same problem. I tried Multi-tasking, Golden Fair, and Sandy Fair. At first Golden Fair seem to be the best for my Asian skin while Sandy Fair made me look like a kabuki mask. Now I prefer Sandy Fair best since the color stays longer than the other two. Recently I also mix the Intensive Fair concealer to maximize the coverage. I'm waiting for my second sample kit because I want to try a darker shade than Sandy Fair. I think I need another kit to make sure I select the correct co
  5. I'm currently using Kose's Sekkisei line (I'm Asian) and get this Essence Excellence serum for sample. It's a nice and light serum and so far my red marks fading, but not too fast. I'm not using this serum on regular use so I also don't know whether it can be really effective or not.
  6. I've been using egg-white mask for 6 weeks of my regimen, and it really good and works well in flattening the acne scars and reducing red marks. Although my skin was getting really dried and tight, but this mask still makes it very smooth. After my face was getting better, I reduced the frequency of using this mask. 2 weeks ago, I was having breakout again after my period and started using this mask again. Problem started when I was having high fever a couple days ago. My parents was afraid of
  7. Hi, I just found this thread. Just want to share that I was once suffered the same problem. There were pustules on the labia and not just one but some. It's not too painful but totally itchy. I also don't shave the ingrown hair. I often popped the pustules and washed it, but it didn't solve the itching. I finally tried a liquid soap contained anti-fungi/anti-bacteria agent from a local brand. After several usages, the itching calmed down and the pustules reduced. It was healed and I never got i
  8. I wonder if blackheads/whiteheads extractor really helps extracting pimples/whiteheads better than the hands. Big pimples is easier to pop using clean hands and tissue, but whiteheads are sometimes too small to be popped by hands alone. Need to use nail, but nail is evil. They are guilty for the red marks afterwards. Right now, the best thing I can do is preventing new whiteheads to appear. I use peel-off mask (I'm Asian so I choose black mask from Kose), applying Benzoyl Peroxide, use egg-whi
  9. I usually pop big pimples after the inflammation reduced and the white head appeared. It's much easier to let it dry, but I always get red mark which hard to fade. If I didn't pop, the inflammation reduced but the pimples didn't dry at all, so I finally popped it out and leave a big mark. What do you usually apply on your pimple to prevent the mark after popping it? I also has a lot of whiteheads which can't be cleared by exfoliating alone. No other way to get rid of it except by extracting i
  10. I've been doing this regimen for 5 days and my skin had never been this better. I was suffering the itchy and terrible dry skin from this regimen, especially because I lives in very cold and dry air (air-conditioned) although the climate in my country is tropical. Since the regimen has succesfully clearing my acnes, all I have to find now is good moisturizer. I went for hunting good moisturizer last weekend. Planned to go for Cetaphil but the only variant available here was for chronic and se
  11. Brandy, I also have the same skin problem as CookieCrumbles. My skin is not exposured to sunlight but to air conditioner. When choosing a product, should I choose the one for oily or dry skin better? I'm currently using combination to oily, but I'm not sure I pick the right type.
  12. Thank you Delna for sharing this. I'm trying this regimen started 2 days ago, and my face has become much better. Although I still have these 3 pimples, I can handle it with Garnier Pure SOS blemish clear pen (it works amazing). Although I was previously using BP, ACV, and baking soda with no or little result, I think I was doing it wrongly. Now I start to treat my face gentler and doing this regimen, my face has never been this clean before. This is how I'm doing it. Morning: 1. Wash my face
  13. I guess some of general Clean & Clear products are available at hypermarts or big supermarkets. For specific treatment, you may find it on Guardian, Century, or Watson's. Watson's has been my personal favorite. They have Neutrogena, Garnier, Clean & Clear, etc. The product lines are also more variative than the other two stores. Compare prices before buying since sometimes Watson's can be cheaper than Guardian/Century. I seldon find Watson's on major malls. I used to go to Watson's