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  1. Mia897

    Epiduo experience

    Definitely do not use more when in doubt! I used it for two weeks but had to stop because it was irritating my skin so intensely. I had better success on it the last two nights when i put it on over my moisturiser and only the tiniest amount. I've read that other people use it once every two or three nights to begin with and build up a tolerance. Definitely go easy! Irritated skin with acne is not a fun time.
  2. @Hannah Brown Omg that's so frustrating. That's not even advice! My GP told me to stop using Epiduo (which I'm also petrified of doing) and double my dose of doxycyline to 100mg a day. One exciting thing was that I convinced my GP (who is actually wonderful and supportive) to take blood tests for my hormone levels and a swab of my skin to see what bacteria are wreaking havoc. It makes me happy that I might actually get some answers rather than just continuing with trial and error. My appointment
  3. Well, may as well use this to keep a log of my skin. Idea being that I'll stop obsessing over it and as a result will spend substantially less time crying in front of the mirror haha (nervous/distraught laughter hahah). I'll use acne.org as a dumping ground and then will just have to get on with life. The last two weeks were a bit ridiculous with not leaving the house. Background: - Normal, mild acne as a teenager. Had severe anxiety because my brother had severe acne. Went to GP and got pu
  4. Mia897

    Epiduo and Climdamycin

    @Akitapanda I started epiduo 12 days ago - having similar results aka none. My face got super red in the second week. I've stopped using it on as large an area because the dryness was a little too intense. I also put it on over my moisturiser tonight because the scaley redness is actually a bit terrifying and I really want to leave the house hhaha
  5. @Hannah Brown Oh wow that sounds really scary! I didn't know your hair could even fall out from topicals. Just another funthing to go with acne yipeee! What do you use now? I got a referral to a dermatologist so that's exciting. I know that GP's can prescribe all the same things as derms in Australia (except accutane) but there's something comforting about having a specialist dealing with it. Hopefully it helps. @skyesthelimit Thanks, this has just been a really tough week. I'm hoping it's j
  6. @HarleyZ I'm so happy it's been working for you. That sounds like such a huge relief. I don't have that oily skin (which is weird - because I have acne) so I'm not sure how well I'd fare. I'm going to a different GP again tonight just to get a second (millionth) opinion about epiduo and maybe to ask for some more tests. I might ask for a referral to a dermatologist so I can get the ball rolling for accutane if it comes to that.
  7. I just want to give up. This is way too hard.
  8. I woke up to the worst breakout I think I've ever had today :'( I don't understand why my body is so shit.
  9. @edithharms Yeah I get that doxy won't clear me for good but I'm just so desperate to have clear skin - even for a short time. I thought maybe I could start getting regular peels and stuff once my skin is good because right now I can't even consider leaving the house without makeup but if it was clear i'd be more confident to do that stuff? Probably make no sense but alas.... @HarleyZ Hmm... I'm thinking this will be the only option. Do you get your acne mostly around your mouth and chin? I thi
  10. I started using Epiduo 11 days ago. The first few days, I thought I'd struck it super lucky. I wasn't experiencing any of the side effects I'd read about. Boy was I wrong! From about day 8 onward my skin felt like I'd thrown acid on it as soon as I used it. Actually, I think putting on my (stupidly expensive) moisturiser is even worse - so painful!! And that would actually be FINE if my face wasn't bright orangey red, peeling, raw AND breaking out. Sooo just wondering, how long can I expect to
  11. Hey @Louisemariex I feel EXACTLY the same. I got really bad acne when I was about 19 and cleared it up with topical antibiotics and birth control. I stayed clear for about 2 years, then when I was 22 I travelled for a year and changed brith control. Slowly, I started getting more and more pimples. Now It's two years later and my skin is the worst it's ever been. I totally get what you mean about being so careful with your skin but it just going crazy anyway. It's so frustrating. I feel like I do
  12. I'm starting to get so overwhelmed by acne. I feel like it's never going to go away. I start work in an hour and all I want to do is wash all my makeup off, crawl under my sheets and pretend that I don't exist. I've been trying to fix my skin since I was a teenager. I'm almost 25 now. It feels like I've tried everything and my life has revolved around my skin for so long. I recently went off Diane-35 after giving it another shot for a year. It didn't seem to change my skin and I suffered from