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  1. Apply some zincofax cream as a spot treatment..only use it at bed time as its a thick cream and make sure you sleep on a tea towel placed on top of your pillow case so that it doesnt stain your pillows
  2. Hi. I go for IPL to help heal post acneic red marks. In my 30s, all I had to use was zincofax cream and spot treat the red marks and within days they'd go away but in my late 40s such is not the case. The IPL is my saving grace. Immediately after treatment your face feels warm to the touch and the spots treated will look more red like that of a sunburn but will fade within within a few hours. Any redness I have had went away within a month of IPL
  3. Well when the surface is at the skin and its ready to pop..its not like a regular whitehead or black head but the guck that comes out of it is in the shape of rice etc. Hope that helps
  4. Yes I use Cetaphil facewash as its very gentle on my sensitive skin.
  5. Does anyone get those white rice like whiteheads..I get them on my cheek from time to time...bizarre
  6. I would suggest applying Zincofax to your face. Its the same cream mothers apply to their babies bottoms to treat diaper rash. I use it on Post acneic marks and they disappear within a week. Apply it at bed time and place a tea towel on top of your pillow case. Be sure to not get any on your bed sheets bc of the thick consistency it may stain them
  7. You could also use White Elmers Glue. Wash your face and then spread some glue over your nose..Let it dry for 10 - 15 minutes and then gently peel it away. You'd be surprised at how much guck comes off with the glue
  8. Hi.Apply some Extra Strength Zincofax to the spot. This is the same cream that mothers treat their babies bottoms with to help with diaper rash. I spot treat my post acneic red marks and it works like a charm. Being that its a thicker consistency however, I place a tea towel on my pillow case so that the bedsheets and pillow case doesnt stain from the white cream.
  9. Hi..I use Extra Strength Zincofax and trust me, this works like a charm. Its a thicker cream so you could either spot treat the red spots or spread it on some areas. I have it spread on my nose and an area on my right cheek as i am typing this response. Being that its a thicker cream though be sure to place a tea towel on your pillow case so that the white cream does not discolour your bedsheets or quilts etc. This cream works faboulous as well to get rid of any post acneic red marks. Goodluc
  10. Hi there..I recommend Cetaphil Moisturizing cream b/c of the high humectant factor in it...high water content..works great
  11. Its zinc cream that one uses to treat their babies diaper rash..just extra strength cream vs regular
  12. I have a few favourites....Perry Ellis f, Roots Uniscent, CK1