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  1. It restores the ph balance in the skin Uh, I don't know if I can drink it. I know a few other people drank and used it on their skin and their skin became too oily. Maybe I'll give it a shot though. Thanks so much for sharing and so happy it's working for you!
  2. Twice a day no matter what. I let it dry before applying my BP and moisturizer. After you apply your topicals the smell goes away completely. My fiance is shocked at how much my redness/pigmentation is clearing up too. Every day it gets better and better. After I washed my face before my face was beat red after, pigmentation especially. Now my face doesn't even get red after washing. Overall it's so much more clearer and smoother.
  3. You are definately the exeption to the rule regarding such quick scar eradication using ACV. What brand of it are you using? the regular store brand.
  4. I also heard of the nacar shell cream. I believe you can buy it over the internet. It's supposed to be amazing with scars,burns, discoloration etc.
  5. Just wanted to post an update on my progress. This morning my fiance was shocked when he looked at my face. He said he doesn't see any scars or bumps and he couldn't believe how much of my pigmentation is gone. He looked at my cheeks in the sunlight also and still didn't see and scarring. I tell you, I'm in total shock at what this stuff is doing is doing to my skin. I look like a new person, in only a few weeks.
  6. I apply it when the face is wet, it has never burned me. Only my eyes a little when I applied it to close to them. Been a little over a week now and I see more and more improvement every day. You can't eve see my pores anymore. My pimples are gone. My pigmentation is still fading tremendously. I've honestly never used anything that has worked so well for my skin :)
  7. I bought it from the grocery store. I dilute it a tiny bit in the bottle cap. I wash my face and while my face is still damp I dab it all over my face with a cotton ball. Not around the eyes though! Every day I'm still seeing more improvement. Keep to it though. Don't just use it for a few weeks and then give up. Don't wash it off. I leave it on. The smell goes away after you put on your moisterizer. So happy it's working for you!
  8. I came on here to tell others that are suffering like I have about something that has helped me and you laugh like a jerk. "haha, they're going to come right back." Grow up.
  9. I think ingesting it and applying it to your face would definitely be over doing it. I have been using now for less than a week and my scars are completely filled in. It's amazing. I have spent thousands on laser treatments and topicals to try and get rid of my scars. I have looked forever for something to give me results like the acv has!
  10. I started using Apple Cider Vinegar morning and evening before my topical and in only 2 days I already notice a lot of improvement! It's already plumping my skin and it's as soft as a babies behind. My pigmentation has already started to fade. My scars aren't super deep but I have quite a few and they are very noticeable in daylight. They are much less noticeable since using the ACV. I also started drinking 3-4 glasses of water with fresh lemon juice a day and I think that's also helping as well