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  1. i thew retin a to the garbage and benzaclin proactive and acne free dont worry you not alone
  2. hey you guys im going to try using vitamin e for my acne scars do i apply it topically or do i drink it
  3. mederma i going to cause cause your acne to come back it sucks
  4. ive had acne for 3 years and now that its gone I wish I had acne because im left with these natsty looking holes in my face and alot of brown marks that make it look as if i still have alot of acne how do i get rid of that im 14 and my face has about a million scars when you have acne you at least know its going to go away some day
  5. alright Ive been on murad for about 2 months it did pretty good i went from severe acne to about 2 small zits but thats the problem I cant get rid of them those anyone have any sugestions to some over the counter cream to mix this with///Im not here sponcering murad if anything you shouldint use these creams they burn and they rarely work for anyone /// if you do use it dont put the spot treatment everywhere only on each zit //if you want to heal your acnrapidly while using murad dont use the mo
  6. they did not tell me anything they only prescribed me some addicting pain killers// Im going back on sulfa methazole or something like that its to hard to spell
  7. that wouldnt hapen dkr uses less bp so it has less of the active ingredient besides proactive and murad are the best over the counter
  8. yesterday I got this massive headache and I was shivering uncontrollably and I was really pale and my temperature was 90 my parents took me to the hospitol //do you guys think I should stop taking this
  9. I have been on minocycline for 4 days and I fel like throwing up does anyone now how long this is going to take to go away
  10. I just got prescribed that does any one now how long that will take to work