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  1. Wow that's weird I more or less logged in just to post the exact same thing. I'm so frustrated and low at the moment. I started looking over things that happened throughout the year girl wise and I'm just full of regret. Even as recently as Friday I was approached by a girl in a club and she was great looking but my inhibition just got the better of me completely. She approached me for fecks sake! And I still cocked it up! I pray for stuff like that and I just get all mute, its ridiculous.
  2. Personality: Quite sensitive, I find it very hard to be mean. Physically: Used to hate it, but I'm skinny as feck and I love it now.
  3. Maybe it was a joke? Especially if he has one spot, she probably doesn't care at all and its just their intimate sense of humour.
  4. Normal pre date jitters. Your talking yourself out of a nice evening because your maybe a little scared and insecure which is perfectly understandable for anyone who has gone through self esteem issues. Go for it and have fun and try to be as confident as you can. Hope it goes well
  5. I can be a very jealous person, and very paranoid too. I think the two go hand in hand with my acne sometimes.
  6. Very few people live completely in the service of others. I'm tempted to say everybody is selfish, but I know there are one or two saints out there. Carve out your niche and spread as much love as you can in the doing so, I believe that's all we can do. In a way a 'tunnel vision' perspective can get you to a better place and thats probably why people like to live in ignorance. I sometimes wish I had proper faith just to put my mind at rest about everything, Christianity as an anesthetic for re
  7. Your paying them for the haircut, they can put up with the acne if it grosses them out. Their issue. I actually have mine cut by a friend of the family who is a professional so I dont really have a problem
  8. I think its understandable sometimes to think acne is a punishment for something, especially with all the two-bit morality we get preached these days but getting acne because your 'bad' is a bit Victorian don't you think? Everybody is susceptible to bad skin or disease or anything, the world seems the most unfair when your at the bottom and when your alienated. Don't disregard your emotions but keep rational about your complexion and you will keep sane!
  9. I've given some really awful academic speeches in my time. In my latest attempt I started out good but ended up avoiding eye contact and reading off the page at hyperspeed. Unfortunately I was so quiet that the person signing for a deaf girl in my class couldn't hear me in order to coherently sign so she tried to lip read and that failed because I wasn't looking up...lol that was terrible. I always tell myself: "thats the last time I do a speech" after every one, but theres always another one
  10. I have affection for my home town, friendly overall and genuinely nice people to be found but I really do think I have had enough of the same surrounds. I'd like to move to Manchester and I probably will eventually if I get a job there. At the same time though I have a kind of love/hate thing going on with cities.
  11. Single, with acne. I don't think you will find much of a correlation with this but a poll might of helped.
  12. I always do this, I wet my lips with by sort of inwardly pouting too. I have been pulled up on that a few times. Its horrible when you have scabbed up lips, looks disgusting. I also chew the inside of my mouth cheeks, in fact I'm doing it as I type this out.
  13. I've been there - It's just a lack of self confidence. Even when your very confident it can be very hard to approach a random girl. There's a scene in Trainspotting that I always think of when I'm stuck at the side of a club feeling like I dont have enough worth to talk to somebody (frequently happens!) Renton is in a club, I think Blondie is playing in the background and there's a big divide, like he's sat with all the losers but he makes a move in the end. Anyway yeah I'm sure you are comp
  14. I think what you have done is kind of like when you go overboard picking, the frustration wells up and you want the spot gone so you attack it. Unfortunately this time you had a curling iron in your hand? The thought of you pushing a hot iron on your skin and streaming with tears is horrible, I really, really hope you don't do anything similar again - getting to love who you are is really hard sometimes but everybody has flaws, everybody can overcome them and realise their own ultimate signifi