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  1. Whoa blast from the past! How's life?

  2. not always think some of it could be sun damage?
  3. yeah the last couple days I have gone on a long jog right after I wake up...and I live in arizona so it's right around 100 everyday :[ still though what could help me out? I've been under the impression I had Rosacea
  4. yeah it's been on my cheeks ever since i took accutane like 2 years ago and it seems over the last week or two my nose has been getting pinker...i thrive for a perfect complexion though and i'm not sure that's very realistic. maybe I should just chalk it up to being 75% irish.... buttt i'd like to fade the pinkness as much as possible
  5. i don't know if i'm going insane or not...is there redness here or do i have body dysmorphic disorder? http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/5001/closeb.jpg http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/3151/picture014ywk.jpg
  6. pictures? what did you do to get rid of the hyperpigmentation ?
  7. I've read alot of people on here are lonely or get hit with some loneliness from time to time. I feel it too so I was thinking if anyone needs someone to text when they are feeling down and alone i'd offer my cell phone # in a private message so that they could text me and maybe some other people would be willing to help as well. just a thought, keep fighting
  8. lol did you get your woody's back when you came off? i've been debating weather to take the 10 mg lexipro on my counter
  9. go pick up this book "complete confidence" by Sheenah Hankin It'll be in the self help section and if you got a used bookstore in town and can find it in there then even better.. Post back in here after you've read a couple chapters
  10. I read about EFT this morning and then searched on here if there was anything on it and found this thread...I'm gonna give it a go because last week my doctor gave me anti depressants and I refuse to take them...I'm hoping by some miracle that this tapping stuff will actually work...anyone else tried it?
  11. hey i'm from arizona too