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  1. hey guys, question 1, i'm gonna try the 'clean slate approach. My skin is still healing quite well i don't see i need to interfere with it right now When did you start clearing on Accutane? Ummm, i think i noticed some vast improvement around the middle of my third month What kind of dose were you on? (40, 60, 80 mg?) 60mg for 6 weeks 70mg until my third month 60 again till the end (weird huh?) Have you found anything that works well at covering the red marks? I won't wear make up or a
  2. this is not at all strange people often break out even after they have finished their course, it's a very gradual process
  3. Hey all, feel like i've lost the only bit of stability in my life at the moment, accutane has cleared the vast majority of my acne, leaving me with a few actives and loads of red marks. I heard you still continue to clear a few months after accutane (hope this is the case). Just like to thank everyone on this board, i've been floating around for the last 4 months, your advice has been indispencible, i'll be floating around the red marks board for a while to come, if you have any questions pleas
  4. Hey guys, apparently the NHS (uk) dermatologists only perscribe a maximum of four months, they don't take the cume dose or anything else into consideration. I'm in my last month now and am still breaking out, most of my face is covered in red marks now but I do still have a few actives, do you think it's possible i will still clear before the end? I'm more concerned about the active acne than the red marks as i know they take a while to heal anyway any support is appreciated, if accutane doesn
  5. hey, best of luck to you with your course, i'm on day 92, still breaking out on occasions, this stuff takes its sweet time to work and I look a mess with all red marks / scarring and stuff. Apparently the true results seem to come through a couple of months after you finish the course, I guess this is because your skin thickens and returns to normal. It's a rough ride and I hope we both come out the other end crystal clear. I'll hopefully be able to keep up with how you are doing
  6. Hi Just wanted to say i'm having the same problem with you, loads of red marks, I also have a fair amount of active left as well. I've ordered bio-oil. I read some reviews and it seemed perfect for my problems (if it works).
  7. yup, anywhere there is a blemish on my face, it seems to flake and peel noticably. The few places on my face i am clear it's not really noticable but up close it looks like a snow storm
  8. first 6 weeks twice a day religiously, my derm pretty much scolded me for doing that lol, said I should not moisturize unless I absolutely cannot stand the dryness any longer. Now I don't moisturize if i'm not going out, otherwise once a day. Anyone else been told no moisturizer???
  9. Hey guys, it's good to know there's others who feel the same, might take a look at bio oil for my skin tone, can't make it any worse atm lol. Worth a look
  10. thought i looked better yesterday acne was clearing on my left cheek but still lots of red marks. Woke up this morning, broken out on my cheek again, full of red marks and generally bumpy, uneven blotchy skin tone. Dunno why i'm posting this really, just tired of all this hassle, how stupid that we have to struggle for something others take for granted, Day 75 today feels like day 1 again
  11. I go red from tane if I; *get hot *Put pressure on my face *Moisturise *touch my face too much and yes you can be generally redder in complexion but it's not always noticable, depends on the person i guess
  12. This is what has happened to me, not new ones (yet!), just old one's reappearing! At 6 weeks in should i be worried?