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  1. glad your skin is feeling good.... careful in recommending the water thing....... first do no harm, you know.... http://www.abcbodybuilding.com/forum/showf...?Number=1078002 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_intoxication http://kidneydiseases.about.com/od/kidneyd...ntoxication.htm
  2. I throw them all in the same boat...... Proactiv, murad, sephora products, DKR, acne free, urine, egg whites, generic bp..... my motto is the 1/3 rule...... they totally help 1/3, partially help 1/3, and leave 1/3 stranded with a sense of total failure and sometimes even worsened acne..... there is no real accountablility...... thats why the commercials are so annoying..... making it seem like this condition is easy to treat.... It's easy if you have very mild non-persistent acn
  3. This is the first strongly positive scar post I've read..... I'm glad to see it... I can relate with the part about people incorrectly thinking you were depressed for unrelated reasons.....
  4. not about free samples..... you'll have to read closer..... *Moderator edit - stand alone post titled "read closely before locking topics....., this topic is about a different post being deleted....." Merged with existing Neal Megathread on 9/10/09*
  5. I have enough product samples to sample almost every active member on here with some really cool products..... everything from a moisturizing solution for acne prone skin, spf for acne prone skin, real gentle masks, etc..... got quickly put down when I offered them up to the people..... the moderators were trying to protect everyone from getting a razor blade in their candy apple... seems biased to me, but whatev... Dan gives out 30 or so free samples every time he wants to try a new
  6. hey turbosquab.., you could be right.... still no reason to delete it.... Like many others on this site, I really don't care to devulge personal information at this time. If you think I'm building to a sell...... you would be right since I have devulged that twice on the boards and got snubbed trying to give out free samples last month..... (on a site which draws people in with the specific word "unbiased", you will only be offered free samples from one source...) that was last mo
  7. didn't spam, didn't put anyone down, hoped not to offend, didn't break any rules...., why was it deleted....? have I offended people with my strongly held opinions on this subject......? *Moderator edit - post titled "My topic got deleted...., ?" made completely visible, including advertising portion and merged with new Neal Mega Thread*
  8. sorry to be a tease..... the project is ongoing.... the truth is that quick tips do, in fact, sometimes hurt people because the more little quick tips a person fails...., the more the failure spiral deepens..... then comes the pessimism.... and skepticism....., and depression....., then eventual acceptance of problem that mistakenly thought to be "unfixable".... The way I do it in the project is by relinquinshing control from the patients and taking over the decision making for them.....
  9. when a condition is not "curable" doesn't mean that it is not 100% percent treatable and 100% preventable...... ie.. never again experiencing big cysts.... this last patient hasn't had a cyst in 5 months......
  10. we will say goodbye to the pills... I was referring to all cases except those associated with a high fever....
  11. I strongly believe Accutane and all other pills including hormonal therapy and antibiotics for acne will be history and the derm books will be changed by 2009. It has been my mission for two years to prove this fact. I have collected enough proof at this point. This community should be the first to know. Sorry to say that at this time there is no quick tip though......, it takes a real relationship with a true expert. you'll have to find a great coach in your area. If your doctor ca
  12. Sure as hell is. Especially if you have ridiculously high standards for yourself. Clever people probably have a harder time dealing with it because they're used to being able to think and rationalize and research their way out of anything, but sometimes biology just hits below the belt.
  13. I think people who are used to getting what they want in life have an even harder time losing to the beast of acne.... It seems like the fall is harder....?
  14. red marks that last over a year are not scars. they're just tougher red marks..... sometimes there is a skin colored flat scar beneath it that can only be seen easily after the red is gone....