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  1. redpyre

    Just me

    I never take pictures without makeup on my face, so the severity of my acne is hard to view. Anyway, here is what I look like.
  2. redpyre

    Regimen schedules

    6 hours might be pushing it just a bit, although I haven't tried that yet. I've waited for as little as 8 hours, to as much as 18, with no problems whatsoever. So you could try 6, and you might not have a problem with it. Good luck. So when do you push up the amount of regimen to use? I have been using it for two days now, well only at night anyway, and only the beginner's amount....from the beginning of my index finger to the knuckle. Do I start using it in the morning with the same a
  3. redpyre

    I'm Trying

  4. redpyre

    I'm Trying

    I have just purchased Dan's regimen treatment and I am praying that it works. I've been using Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser, Clean & Clear spot treatment, and Cetaphil lotion. My face is dry and irritated. I have more bumps than ever. So, more money wasted in the pursuit of clear skin. I have used pretty much everything that comes over the counter as well as Proactiv. Proactiv worked initially, but then I developed a tolerance to it and the acne came back without mercy. I have had ac