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  1. not for me really. washing helps.
  2. usually before i started the regimen i would wash my face midday.... becuase i would be oily and nasty... but now, i cant or it would wash off the BP. SO, i really dont want to look nasty and greasy the whole day... would it be ok to wash midday? Ive tride blotting the shine with a damp towel... and it didnt work all that good. ...any suggestions?
  3. darn. anyways... i must say... the gel is amazinggg... i have been using proactiv lotion... and it made me greasy and gross... but this sinks right in... amazing.
  4. I just got my first bottle of BP, yay. Anyways... my Duac I had I kept in the fridge.... and when I put it on it felt cool and nice. Am I allowed to put the BP in the fridge..... or will it alter it somehow?
  5. I ordered 3 BP's using UPS GROUND as my shipping option. Am I supposed to recieve an email with a tracking number?
  6. no, slight heat inceases for a short period of time is ok. But, dont let it stay hot forever. haha.
  7. Ok. I currently use Aveeno foaming face wasH: http://www.acne.org/aveeno-clear-complexio.../117/page1.html Now, I love this stuff... but I was wondering if Dans cleanser is worth trying or better. Has anyone ever used this stuff before and switched?
  8. ok, thanks! that really cleared things up! (no pun inteneted) wait, is that a pun... whatever... THANKS!
  9. no, not on other websites... but whatever... i guess it doesent... so im not gonna worry about it. thanks! oh, it also asks for my special code on the back, but i always have to enter that. thanks for your help.
  10. Wait, does ordering products from the website with a credit card still ask for the last 4 digits of the Social Security Code. Because its not asking me to, and I read somewere on this forums that its supposed too. Mabye it was a old topic. Im using Mastercard.
  11. wait, for all the admin, how big are the samples. Are they in a nice 8oz. bottle like its supposed to come in.... or just a small, sample size, like 3 oz.??
  12. well, i think the min. amout you can have is 2 oz. witch really sucks. So mabye you would want to fill a film canister with some of the BP to travel with. Mabye fill 2-3 cans. And film canisters tops are very tight... som im sure they wouldent open. oh, also, if your scared of leaking, put it in a zip lock bag.
  13. Oh so UPS ships to the post office, and the other comes to my house mailbox? Can someone confirm this?
  14. What is the difference between the shipping methods? I see when I order 3 BP gels the shipping methods I get 3 shipping methods: 1. US MAIL PRIORTY (2-5 working days) less $$$ 2. UPS GROUND (2-6 working days) a little more $$$ 3. UPS AIR (2-3 working days) most $$$ Now, is US MAIL PRIORTY faster than UPS ground. I know that AIR is probably the fastest... but between 1 & 2, whitch is faster?