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  1. damn. doesn't look good. all i want is a cream or ointment or something that will diminish or eliminate scars entirely. why is that so much to ask for? thanks though.
  2. also, i hear vitamin e is really good. anyone?
  3. anyone have any luck with this stuff? i can't afford any type of surgical procedures so i'm trying to work with what else there is.
  4. so now what? should i try someone else? should i try drug store stuff? if so, what? i'll put some pictures up later. i don't even know what kind of scars i have. i don't know where to start :/ thanks.
  5. does anyone have this because of their scars? what do you do about it?
  6. I have quite a bit of scars on my forehead. nowhere else. it really, really bothers me and i have to wear a hat all the time to cover them. I cannot be in a situation in which i can't wear a hat. it's become such a habit and comfort of mine that i will have a massive panic attack if i'm not wearing one for more than 3 seconds. I really need a job but not many good paying ones allow hats (i can't express to you the extent of this ridiculous bullshit i have to deal with every day...) which i know
  7. i got a shitload of acne on my fore head because of my hair, now i have scars there but i cover it with my hair. irony up the ass.
  8. most of my scars are on my forehead, so its makes them pretty noticeable, and there is a good chance that i'm not going to be able to get surgical scar treatment, so what i'm thinking is making 2 giant gashes over these scars, or most of them, that form a pattern, and have them run down to my sides or something, cause at least those will look cooler and will distract away from the acne scars. yeah, i'm really desperate. this isn't a cry for help or anything, it really sounds like a decent idea
  9. in order to get some sort of surgical scar treatment, you can't smoke cigarettes. is this true?
  10. i've been using it for a couple months, mostly once every other night or so. i think it's made an improvement, but not a very drastic one. i don't have any pictures though, sorry.
  11. it's funny, 80% of all the scar pictures i see on here are so mild and unnoticeable. i'm starting to think we're all beating the shit out of each other for nothing.
  12. fight club vanilla sky moon child monty python and the holy grail american beauty seven samurai
  13. i'm not sure at all what i'm going to do. but i have 4 months to research. i'm really worried about the cost because my parents are paying for it and i hate when they pay for shit, makes me feel bad i guess (even though i'm shit broke and they love helping me out with stuff like this) anyways... good luck to you. i wish you the best.
  14. has anyone seen either of these movies? they're easily one of my top 3(4) favorite movies of all time. i felt such a strong connection with them, it was almost unreal. basically it's about a guy who had a wonderful life full of money, women, friends, etc. until one day he gets in a car accident and his face becomes completely disfigured, shunning himself away from everyone, not even being able to look in the mirror without wanting to die. i feel like this all the time with my acne scars, so it