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  1. I´m so glad spiro worked for you guys, for me it´s been a total failure, almost 4 months and still breaking out like crazy. So I´ve decided to quit it and start with androcur (I think It´s not available on the US) which is a more powefull yet safe androgen inhibitor and I´m going bak to diane 35. I got so sick of spiro, peeing like crazy all the time, and most of all, getting no results. I will keep you updated!!! wish me luck in this one
  2. Same here! i ´m on my third month and I haven´t noticed any improvements, once one pimple is gone, another one appears. I´m so sick of it. I´ll give it a try for 6 months, if it doesn´t work i´ll go back to diane and androcur!
  3. Thanks! the question was because I read in an article that if you take only 16 to 21 days per month, you get good results as well and better tolerance to the medication.
  4. I´m on my 6th week and my face already looks better. But I get the same thing: I´m clear for a few days and they I get 3 or 4 new ones. Are you taking spiro everyday or do you make the same 7 days pause like with the bcp?
  5. I´m a doctor as well and I´ve read many medical articles reviewing the use of spiro for acne, the effective dose in most of the cases is 100 and 200 mg. But, some patients can actually get better only with 25 mg. It really depends on each case. I started with 100 mg. I can´t wait for it to start working. I´ve been on it for 3 weeks now.
  6. congrats venomous! I´ve been reading your updates and it´s really motivating! I might get some good results as well....I´m on my second week of spiro 100 mg/day and I think I´m starting my inicial breakout...do you think that´s normal? I´m really sad actually because I got like 6 pimples on one cheek and three on the other one, they´re not huge but they are big and red...a week ago I also started dan´s regimen and I messed it up because I started too hard on the bp, my face got very red
  7. Thanks Wynne!... another question? how long do you have to wait on the regimen to start noticing some improvement? how long was it for you?
  8. I´m from latin america and I´ve been using Eucerin cleanser and moisturizer, and neutrogena on the spot for a week. Anyone familiar with these eucerin products? I don´t know how good the lactic acid (which is the main ingredient of the Eucerin moisturizer) works as a moisturizer while on the regimen . No changes so far by the way. My skin got really red, dry, flaky and even a litle swollen but I think it was because I started to hard on the bp (twice daily 3/4 finger). After I saw that, I sl
  9. I have a question... are you taking spiro every day or only 15 days per month?
  10. I was on diane 35 for 3 years and it really kept my skin clear. My ob/gyn told me 2 years ago that it would be better to start using yasmin instead. So I did. My skin stayed clear for about a year after that, but this last year I started breaking out again. I just started using spiro 5 days ago and I hope it will help. If I were you, I will stay with Diane.