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  1. So cake on the SPF 75 and you'll be young and gorgeous forever
  2. Prettywords is so right!! When did here of skin cancer back in the day?? Very seldom.. Now that everyone cakes on sunscreen it's an epidemic? I didn't read that Pord is in the sun a lot. Pord you shouldn't be using any type of Retin a if your in the sun long hours even with sunscreen Your gonna wrinkle regardless if your in the sun or not, it's part of life. Just like grey hairs.
  3. If your in the sun long hours everyday than yea put on sunscreen. The effects of the sun on the skin is just marketing propaganda. Baking in the sun is not good. I'd rather have a dry look than a shiny look because it makes my scars more noticeable. Your skin needs sunshine. Unless your albino
  4. My honest opinion.. You have mild scarring nothing to even worry about. As you get older you'll get more facial hair and your skin will texture and blend in. Stop putting on SPF in the morning it makes my acne scars more notocible so I don't use anything that's oily. Leave you're skin alone man!! Don't get lasers or peels just keep it clean and simple. Retin a tends to make your skin look shiny cuz it peels the top layer of you're skin thus making your mild little scars more noticeable
  5. ciro


    Any locations of doctor recomendations for subcision? Are plastic surgeons better for subcision or derms. I just want a consultation.
  6. ciro


    I'm thinking of having a consultaion for excision on these two deep acne scars I have. Does anybody know of good plastic surgeons near Los Angeles or Orange county?
  7. Bro you're skin looks cool. Try focusing on you're fitness or something else. You're skin don't look bad at all. Shit atleast when a light hits your face you don't have shallow indentations. Just enlarged pores.
  8. Hi Civet I experienced the same thing in 1999 when I started seeing a dermatologist for my acne. I had really oily skin and acne. The dermatologist first tried clindamycin and pills etc. After 6 months of no improvement she put me on retin-A. After 3 months my acne got worse and skin was still oily. After 8 months of using retin-a I had enough and couldn't take it because my acne was worse than when I initially went in. I was a high school senior so down, sucked so bad. So I stopped seein
  9. I agree! Improvement yes, complete correction noway. Trust me I have 1 good day and 6 bad ones. Seems like the only time I have a good day is when I get a hair cut. Then it's back to starring at my scars in any mirror or reflection I see.
  10. Nah no way. Maybe if it was really harsh but it will only be epidermis scarring. Easy to correct. Sometimes starring at your skin to much is no good. Morning time skin is puffy, nite time skin looks a lil different
  11. Give it some time and look into submission for some of your scars. Get a dermaroller. Don't mess with your face for atleast 6 months to a year
  12. After experimenting I would wait before n after 2-3 days just to be safe and reduce redness
  13. Sounds good but just to let you know retin a after dermarolling is kinda harsh. If you apply after rolling your skin will get more red longer than normal.
  14. Dude you must be depressed and taking it out on your skin cuz your skin looks great. Get laid man!!!
  15. ernestoria thank you so much for sharing this post! Dude it took a lot. Im shocked by how far you've come. Acne scars are no joke and you faced them like a true trooper! Your a strong person and big ups to you my friend! Your skin looks great man, compared to where you started it's like nite and day. Great day