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  1. Mandy have you tried perscriptives foundation? You go to the counter and they will make your custom shade of foundation. Also I am pale and pink and the mystic tan works fine for me just make sure to use the lowest level.
  2. I took zanax as needed through my whole couse, it is fine.
  3. I have had great luck using pure aloe vera, you can buy it at whole foods or any organic store. Mel
  4. I have 1 1/2 days left on a 5 month course, the first 3 months 60 mgs daily and the last 2 months 80 mgs daily, I have been all clear for last month and a half. I have a few left over red marks but pure aloe is fading them and in the mean time it is nothing a little studio fix can't cover. I can't wait to be finished!! Melissa
  5. did you fast before your blood tests?
  6. Any pure aloe vera will be fine, although I don't like the gel it is not 100 percent aloe, Ibought mine from whole foods but I am sure it can be purchased from any drug store.
  7. My cumalative will be (5 days left) 145.08
  8. I have had highlights put in my hair twice and highlights are bleach and I was fine. I am on 80 mgs.
  9. Hi kels, I am also 33 will be 34 in august, I am on day 100 or so and it has its ups and downs. I have had no actives in over 3 weeks just the usual red marks, good luck Melissa