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  1. I use the tea tree oil cleanser and moisturizer from the Body Shop. I love both products, but I don't see a difference in my red marks by using it.
  2. This is SO true! My husband always says my fingers are what do me in. I'm always inspecting my face, poking and proding at pimples and red marks. I'm doing more damage to my skin by messing with it than if I just left it alone!
  3. Really? I read in the ACV thread 50/50 is what most people were using. Hum...maybe I'll try less...
  4. I've been reading this forum quite regularly but just decided to register today. This is my first posting! Anyway, my acne is mild. With makeup, it's hardly visible which I'm greatful for but I do have several flat, red marks on my face from post-acne. I've also been known to pick at these marks occasionally, forming scabs. They usually heal within a few weeks but like everyone else here, I'd like to elimiate these marks totally. I began using 50/50 ACV and water this past Friday and since the