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  1. You look like a girl who used to go to the same class as me. She was just as nice as you are!
  2. I get them all the time...I also written myself in a mental hospital for one night
  3. I used to be the pretty one who looks like a princess, but I guess I'm a freak no one likes me..and severe acne...
  4. WHat? I get it all the time Maybe I should be perecuted and punished
  5. Hi! Do you usually suffer from back-flash memories that you could have turn back certain moments if you could. And that you want to punish people who have harmed and misunderstood you. Not that you want to see them get hurt but that they should recognize what they have done to you
  6. I usually pity myself I feel so dirty So dissapointed, If I would have taken the tane earlier I would have prevented the scars
  7. Maybe it's because I have severe scars and looks miserable...
  8. I don't know why people think I'm psycho and disturbed
  9. Give accutane a chance I'm also very pretty with a bad repuation and bad past..and suffer from acne
  10. My mum and brother both have scars but not nearly as sveere as mine....so mine is worse...
  11. Yeh a lot of people have called me that. and also fake..I guess there's something about me that provocates people