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  1. I think you did not understand my post, nothing is happening toi my face, it is not red, it is not peeling it has no réaction, so I tried the products on the corner of a towel and on other stuff Like T shirt and nothing changes, the color is the same but I Heard benzoyl peroxyde changes the color of things so want to know if that means the product is not active. Thank you
  2. Hello, I felt like the benzoyl peroxyde was not working on my skin because everybody experienced redness and peeling skin and I did not and also because the acne wasn't improving, so I tried the product on the corner of a towel and on a t shirt and the color did not change so I was wondering if that meant the product I got was defective. Does somebody experienced the same thing ? Or the product isn't doing anything on the clothes for anybody ? Thank you
  3. Hello, it's been a week that I'am using the acne.org and everybody says that the fist two weeks their skin is very dehydrated, red and peeling but in my case I have almost no dehydration, I can put make up without problem and a little bit of moisturizer is enough to hydrate my skin. I'm afraid that means the product is not working on me ?