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  1. soap I shave in the shower and I never get irritated or tiny pimples after I shave. Might not be the best product for my skin or the razor but it does the job.
  2. lol it's actually a very good advice. I love it when a girl ask me out or makes the first move. It shows she knows what she's looking for and not scared to go for it.
  3. hahaha ! yeah girls love to hear that. lol i'm going to use that line
  4. You can buy him a cell phone or a tv. But actually I think having a good day together is the best gift you can give him. Go out and do a fun activity, have a nice romantic dinner, etc..
  5. well I know someone who used to rub alcohol on his back using a cotton ball and it cleared his acne. dunno about the face..
  6. chicken,beef,tuna,rice,spaghetti,oatmeal,veggies,potatoes
  7. 1) 21 2) 4 months 3) 6'1 190lbs 4) dunno. 5-6 meals a day plus weight gainers 5) rice & tuna, spaghetti, chicken, steaks, fries with eggs 6-7) vit. E, multivitamin, vit. C, magnesium, l-lysine, fish oils, flax seed oil, weight gainer 8) almost clear. sometimes one or 2 pimples 9) face's oily but not as oily as it used to be 10) no facial inflammation 11) chips. I try to avoid things that contains too much sugar but not entirely 12) Don't think so. I shower when I come back from the gym and w
  8. lol I really liked that one. "may cause confidence'.