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  1. -everyone is fed up with using products on their face, or where else you aim at.- ;; i can understand that a person goes through a depression stage, when acne starts to appear. to me over the years, i been through lots of hardship and through those i learned alot. looking back i can see so much flaws of my self, which can conclude why i am suffering. i dont know what to say; whatever i say wont go no where. nothing can be written or summarized by words
  2. selling your self like this on the net is pathetic my son.
  3. i hate the word, zit. isnt that a slang anyway? maybe i just hate the principle of it, ance, pimple alkdsjfal;sdkjf;lasdkjfa;lsdkjfa;sldkfjslakjhfwioernsadkljfgnasdfg haha o'-'ov
  4. honestly guys, you cant go living being picky. we are so mustured up with the fetish of our skin, we are avoiding the simple fact of food.
  5. you know JMoO, you are a bright writer. i understand what you are feeling. although it might be skeptical, because i am only 16. i endure just must pain in life; as yours. keep up the great work with your true feelings. what society dont want to loose right now is people like you/
  6. i've stopped picking on my skin. i dont know why i decided on this factor.
  7. my age of depression came end of 8th grade.
  8. my friend recently got a bad sunburn and had to go to the hospital.
  9. it would be in the mild.