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  1. alright besides the fact; being pissed is maybe the discharge of emotional effects of acne. i dont think moisturizers belong here. also about product being maybe expired. products such as those are years away from being close to be expired since the date of purchase. and um about you accusing the product has caused you to break out. i dont think you can just blame the moist for it to cause a break out.
  2. what do you mean by compromises. elaborate that for me, please./
  3. alright guys, stop labeling this as depression. only thing that strikes to this entry to link depression is the fact she sleeps alot. rest is simple nature laziness. but perhaps you could find a set of goal/schedule so you wouldnt feel this way toward. maybe sleeping right and eating?/ /
  4. i felt pretty sad today. not being able to eat lunch at school. because i don't want to feel lonely while eating alone. i have the confidence to eat alone, i dont really care. but it bugs me sometimes. sometimes my so called...friends would sit and wait till i finish my lunch, then we would go somewhere to rest. why wont you guys eat!? it feels pathetic eating and making you guy just watch me... i dont even like hanging out with them. they're all weird. those are my current friends right now
  5. i understand where you are coming from. my personality is too nice that i struggle to say no to anyone. i'm always afraid to hurt anyones delicate feelings, although i can clearly say mine is a bit more fragile than others.
  6. i dont think its possible to have over 10 friends. and having more is just to give someone more image and more connection. because people who truely care for you and is there for you is numbered down to only a few. so basically friends over 100s or whatever is; more like acquaintances, you will never see them again or either both of them caring at all about each other.
  7. i think that reason is the cue of emtional discharge and depression from acne. because we shy away from our current friends and or like you mention, refuse to see old friends. because you are a different person than last time they have know you as. but deep inside you miss that so much. your old friends/
  8. thanks for your reply. i am not taking any treatment for my depression. i am not certain if i need one; although i know my mind does take a high toll in my actions. i am trying my best to do, the best.
  9. maybe because we put it all behind us. trying our own ways to defeat the problem. for years and years are consumed trying to find out the anwser to what they dont understand.
  10. Alright, for once I’ll spare not to write anything intentional sounding as lyrics and poems, but in casual tone to convey my thoughts. Right now there is a serious problem. It is me, and it doesn’t involve the count of anyone else. Although it can, perhaps of a few or more lending a helping hand or to who is in concern for me it doesn’t solve the case or the matter of it. No one is better off understanding themselves, but themselves. But, still I am stuck in this crack. What is wrong with
  11. all the things that you put on or take for your face. they are all through a process of outside in. body works inside out.
  12. whenever the word pimple or zit/acne pops up on television shows or movies. it only consists of one spot. which is quite sad.
  13. i'm currently a junior. and my chemistry teacher had somewhat moderate acne. and she looks in the late 20's. and her work is easy and annoying, plus she gives the lamest jokes and talks really loud with enthusiasm. i hate this teacher; to be honest. haha not that acne has to do with anything. ?
  14. Yeah some brat that my friend was babysitting called me a pig and oinked at me because my face was pink (I think from my constant BP use at the time.)
  15. am i the only one who noticed at the end. where he talks about how he had bad acne before? -
  16. i never comment on skin at all. i just let that fact get it over with me. but people who do, their just inexpierenced with acne. also immature for the fact that they discuss about their minor problems of their own, not considering your poor buddy, me whos worst off. anyways...
  17. "because I am an overly shy person who avoids conflict at all costs" ^that defines me^