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  1. i have to in fact agree on this, but i wouldnt put all my bets on it. i got into maple story and was indeed sucked into it for little over a year. i quit because the general fact of how much of a loser it makes you. but after months playing this, i started getting acne. but i wouldnt question why that was happening to me. it is obvious that i was destroying my self. i have 2 friends that i introduced this game. and they both formed acne from it. and they are much worsed off than i am. its a int
  2. i used to and maybe still; sleep non stop. and i noticed how memorable my dreams are. sometimes when i'm awake, i want to sleep more and resume where i was was. but more often then not, i dream about other stuff.
  3. sackoking but the answer to your question, if answered is not going to be taken in by anyone. because the current stage of solution to acne right now to the common is to spend money. but i believe getting anything for the better, is more deep than that.
  4. i wasnt aiming at you. but the eye rolling does hit hard. haha i was speaking in general statement. to whoever bothers to read. You should be a philosopher. Your analogy is brilliant.. And telling a student to improve his or her grades in school is like telling a bald person to grow hair. Because something that requires hard work but is achievable is the same as something that someone has absolutely no control over.
  5. those sitting that has no friends. i have only few friends. but i think friends work in a way, one having to approach to start a friendship. not to sit and wonder why i have no friends. sort of ways like having a gf/bf, you have to make the move to make it happen. it does work opposite rarely though.
  6. you know telling someone to lose weight is very hard thing to do. its like telling someone to get rid of acne.
  7. how many of you work and have a job. working full or part time? well i work at a pizza place. part time that is. because i want some free time of my own. and i brought this topic up because, when you work, it occupies you. for those of you who is caved in their room, not having any social interactions. or home is the only place your found at. maybe getting a part time job is a first approach you should go for. it is i that speak in this manner because of the fact that Acne can consume you more
  8. maybe your into what japanese has to provide for you./ Well im not sure what you meant by this, I hope nothing bad. But yes, Japan does provide a lot to us, which I am grateful for, although thats not what I meant. I've been to japan twice now on vacation and I love it. Beautiful place and great people. They live their lives so peacefully and calm, and their beliefs and such are just awesome. i meant nothing negative. its because i like japan also. and i have to agree on your aspec
  9. i live in Arizona and please dont come here. oh dear good god. arizona... its hot and gets no rain whatso ever. and the mountains dont do any good, but surrounds your far scenery. unless you can purchase one of the houses in high elevation; you will enjoy your stay.
  10. Republic of Korea. because i was born there. lived there till i was 8 and moved to the states. maybe your into what japanese has to provide for you./
  11. this may be indeed something that is once thought of by everyone. but its rather sick in the head to discuss and share.
  12. indeed! especially when they dont take in consideration others who worsed off, like me.
  13. a mask will irritate me. but the lights off will feel safer though.
  14. i mean we have to snap out of it, because we have to move on with our lives. you can't say in that state of mind of saddness and depression.
  15. wow interesting. i do act selfishly then, oh man/ i make only little compromises.