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  1. thanks for the post. your ideals are correct. even with perfect skin or what suits your comfort around people. i'm still going to be the same old me. everyone here is just sucking away life, letting acne consume you.
  2. you answered to what i have meant perfectly. thanks!
  3. crap i didnt notice to see i wrote working, instead i meant walking. hahahaha.
  4. its lonely being single indeed. no true connections being present. T_T
  5. i have to admit, i havent been around this forum in a while. basically my mind has been off acne. well sort of. - anyway resting the fact on emotional bias. i got to say! walking alone in the cold breeze outside sets the mood perfect. in the dark feels so good. although i tend to miss the sun at the same time.
  6. i wonder how it feels to wear make-up. from a guys perspective that is.
  7. wow you described it so perfectly. a great poet you are.!
  8. only thing is to regret is putting things on face of hoping it will cure my acne. a stupidity of a thought. BP.;
  9. of what he mentioned or a she? practicing the scenario in your head. i think its best to go with the flow as it is carried on. if your doing and saying things you wrote down your head. it would be more as if reading a script. so make it raw and sing along with the beat.
  10. god is such a touchy subject. going into that of subject, no one can win or defend it. religion works in unique ways and its very awkward and wrong to see how society has already put a firm stamp on religion. religion is something that should go no where. but i do indeed take in your thread post. i hope you get a resolved point of the matter.
  11. wow that was touching. if this man is someone you can dearly trust with all your heart. maybe its time to show him. well thanks for sharing your side of the story. it really helps.
  12. i found it not funny. not to offend you or anything. my face is just rusty.
  13. What can you guys say about shy people then. Who doesnt talk. and is rarely known. ???