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  1. Well its been about a year since I began taking accutane. I almost forgot about this blog but I received an email notifying me of the new comments. ryangp-thats crazy dude small world...hope it all works out for you amentola33-accutane continued to improve my skin up to about a 3 month period..after that I lost that crystal clear skin I had and returned to "normal" skin..a small pimple from time to time, skin slightly oilier, etc. Still an incredible improvement that would not have been possi
  2. Your accutane log is helping me :) I'm 14 too and my acne sounds the same as yours, maybe a bit worse I'm not sure, my names Ryan too anyway thanks for your accutane log

  3. FINISHED ACCUTANE!!!-1 Month Later I have been done with accutane for about a month now. Heres how I would wrap up my treatment. It started out getting a little worse. Got very dried out. Then by about month 3, I was having good and bad days. By month 4, it was just about all good days. By month 5, it was clear skin completely. I am completely glad that I took accutane and have no regrets. 1 thing I want people who are using accutane is that you need to keep your end goal realistic. For most
  4. Hey man I just read your post on my log, I'm glad to hear you've started your accutane journey. As long as your prepared for the ups and downs, it is all completely worth it in the end. I've been off the tane for about a month now and I'm doing great...the side effects (chapped lips, dry skin, back pain) have all subsided back to normal. My hair even has a little (good, natural) oil in it (was extremely dry during treatment). I wouldn't worry about all the people warning you about how "dange
  5. I'm 14 too! :)


  6. Days 91-113 (Ending Month 4) It's hard to believe that I am already approaching my final month of accutane. My skin has went through a drastic transformation over these months and my acne has finally been banished. I am proud to say that I no longer have any active signs of acne. The only exception is red marks. Although my skin is smooth as anything, my skin is still plagued with many old red marks from when my acne was pretty severe. They are mostly along my jaw, with a few on my cheeks and ch
  7. I know what you mean, I thnk that most teens think that it is to dorky or its uncool to be part of acne.org.

  8. haha i know...technically im 15 now but its weird since its mostly teenagers with the acne...good luck with the accutane!

  9. I think we might be the only 14 year olds on this sight!

  10. Hey Livmack, congrats on your accutane start! Your taking a huge step towards clear skin. I'm very very glad to see that you really read through all my posts (theyre a bit long) and picked up on the Cerave products. I would def. recommend them (so would my derm.) because they are gentle and moisturizing, which trust me you will need. When you stop by the drugstore to get your cleanser and moisturizer, you should really also get some sort of lip balm/moisturizer. Do not use Chapstick or othe
  11. Hey I'm so sorry to hear about Emily's status! Last time I had my bloodwork done, my carbs and trigs had nearly tripled since my baseline test. However, my derm's reasoning was that the blood was taken a few days after thanksgiving, which would explain such high level increases. I'm getting my month 4 blood taken tomorrow so hopefully things will be back to normal...just have to hope that xmas dinner won't throw it off again. I wouldn't be too surprised about the liver profile just because sh
  12. Days 72-90 Hope everybody had an enjoyable holiday this year. My skin has had a positive stretch in the past few weeks. It's all really starting to come together now. I have about 2 active pimples left!!!This is a significant decrease from September when I had roughly 10-15. I am no longer so ashamed of my face. But we're not quite done yet. Two things need to happen during months 4&5 to get me clear: 1. New pimples need to stop popping up...permanently. and 2. redmarks need to disappear. No
  13. Days 50-71 First I'd like to apologize for the lateness of this post. I got really tied around thanksgiving and the time has just flown by since then. anyways lets get to the skin... Over the past 21 days, I have seen a great improvement in my skin. My chin has about 2/3 cysts that are still there, but are fading in both color and size. My cheeks have more acne than im used to, about 3 cysts on my left cheek, and one small pimple on my right cheek. My upper lip acne briefly returned but is quic
  14. Days 39-49 Skin is not doing so great at the moment. Alot of pimples have come back on my chin, and my forehead is getting pretty bad as well. My cheeks remain pretty clear with maybe 1-2 small pimples on each but its not that noticeable. I have one big cyst on my chest which wont go away but other than that my chest is clear. My neck/back/shoulders have continually gotten worse this month, I now have noticeable bacne which is embarrassing. Side effects: my lips have gotten extremely chapped l
  15. Days 30-38 Month 2!!!! I am now on 60 mg/day of accutane. My skin was looking pretty good earlier in the week, now I have some new arising pimples which i would credit to my sudden increase in medication. My jawline is clearing up nicely as is my back and neck. They are by no means clear, but clearing up . One thing i've noticed...its no longer a horror of mine to look in the mirror . Its not that my acne was ever awful, but its so easy to get really self conscious with it that it gets hard to