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  1. It's been two months since I finished Accutane and I haven't had any breakouts (except for that one zit on the 29th)! My skin is significantly less red (although still sensitive to the weather), no more chapped lips, yay! Only thing left is still the red marks from acne. I'll give them time to fade, and if not I might consider going to the dermatologist to see what he can do. I'm working on a photo college to post here of my progress.
  2. DAY 203: Small zit on my right cheek. Can't tell if my skin is any less red yet.
  3. DAY 184: Done. Went to the dermatologist today, he said I looked fine, and that the redness and pigmentation will fade over time. I haven't broken out on my face in well over a month, though I did get a zit on my shoulder recently. I have pictures I need to compile together, and I'll be providing updates for the next month.
  4. DAY 162: No breakouts as of late! Dry flaky skin around the mouth, though. Red skin. The backs of my hands are scaly and red. Ewww.
  5. DAY 151: Not much. No new breakouts, but my skin has been a little bit oiler over the past few days, specifically my nose. Something that I haven't mentioned before is that I still have the "dried-up" remnants of previous breakouts on my face. It's not too bad and should heal in time. I just was kind of was expecting my skin to look better than it is now. It's still blotchy and red, and the skin tone is pretty uneven. I bought some Neutrogena Makeup Removing wipes, simply because by the time i
  6. DAY 145: Woke up this morning with a whitehead on my cheek.
  7. DAY 143: I have the smallest little zit emerging on my chin, which is more like a whitehead. That's about it. People have been remarking on how red my skin looks... *groan*. Oh well. I only have one more month left, hurray! As for my experience so far... am I satisfied? Sort of. Yes, there's practically a cessation of breakouts-- I haven't had any full-fledged zits for about two months-- but the redmarks are still predominant. They're about as bad as having acne itself. Hopefully they'll fade o
  8. DAY 140: Eyes are ok. Rash is gone, for the most part. I had a breakout of 2 zits about a week ago, which probably had to do with missing a dose. My face is now red all over... I might try the Eucerin redness relief stuff I got. Other than that, no new breakouts, but redmarks still present.
  9. DAY 125: My eyes have been red for the past few days, so I've been wearing glasses instead of contacts. Probably has to do with the Accutane. Rash is still there, and has been itchy and dry. No new breakouts, at least, but face is still red.
  10. DAY 121: I went a few days without the drug, so now I have a small zit on my right cheek. The rash on my arms also flared up today, for whatever reason. My face is still red.
  11. DAY 116: ACK. I comb my hair and a big chunk comes out. Hair thinning. Not much else.
  12. DAY 114: This may have been discussed in other topics, but have any other Accutane users noticed that they sweat a lot more easily? I break a sweat just walking across campus on a cool day. Weird. I'm a little less red, and no new breakouts, save a whitehead the other day. I'm pleased that my skin hasn't gotten drier. My lips are still cracked at the corners, but that's about it. In fact, it's less dry now than when I first started. I thought it'd get worse with the cooler weather
  13. DAY 101: Zit right on my chin. Skin's pretty red, but not irritated.
  14. DAY 98: I dunno, I kind of figured the Accutane would be kicking in a lot more than it is now. I'm still breaking out, however mildly-- it's not as bad as the IB in the first month-- but I only have another month left after this one and still not working as well as I expected. Redmarks/ scarring still prominent.
  15. DAY 92: Had a minor breakout over the past two weeks, and currently have new small zit on my cheekbone. My skin's been looking more red and blotchy.