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  1. ...Or you could stay away from all that and apply Dermatix. Its just a topical that you apply daily and with continuous use you should see that your scars will look better, but it wont clear them up completely. However, its 100% safe and used continuously, i really saw improvement in my experience.
  2. accept it and move on, solution i found. dont waist ur time man ull regret it.
  3. for anyone using this gel, continuous use is the key to success in my experience. For people with pretty severe post accutane scars, continuous applying of this daily will make the skin look better, but it will not fix the scars.
  4. I'm trying out alternative medecine first. Besides, I heard that the acne just comes back with accutane anyways. I'm not going to destroy my intestines for a few years of bliss, only to have the crap come back again! LOL it comes back less severe. Therefore it can be controlled with topicals or with another course and kept under control. I am wanting another course at the moment, instead of keeping it under control with minocycline.
  5. LOL like I'm gonna put that diabolical pill in my body. GUARANTEED: twenty years from now accutane will show the cause of cancer. :naughty: Guaranteed ? Most elder relatives of mine have died young of cancer.. 55 57. Some are still fighting it now. I like my chances:P Personnally, i would rather live a short happy life then a long miserable life. I've had severe cystic acne, too. Accutane was my only resort.
  6. to the topic holder, if the picture shown is really you, i pray to god you are on accutane.