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  1. Can i try to tan at all while on taz and mino? Is it possible or to dangerous? Is it ok if you use like sunscreen spf 15 or something like that? Or is it just better for my acne if i dont try to get any sun at all? please help
  2. YEAH, well thats good! Is there anything you can do about them though?
  3. Im not really sure if this is the right place for this topic but oh well. Anyway i heard sombody else talking about it on this board once before, so like there are these funky white bumps on my wang. I am a virgin so i know its not an std, ive had it since i was like 13 or something i cant remember for a long time anyway. They are deffinatly under the skin cause you cant see them unless the skin is streached. But yeah there are a bunch of them on the underside of the shaft i guess. If you