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  1. If you have red blotches around your mouth, it could be perioral dermatitis. I have it very mildly (hardly noticable) but it burns and is irritating. It doesn't look as bad as in the pictures you can find through google. But if you have perioral dermatitis, don't use any steroid creams on your face! It temporarily helps but after a while it gets worse and then you're 'addicted' to the cream. Discontinuing will make it worse as well, but after a few days discontinuing it usually gets better.
  2. When I think about it though, a few months ago I quit smoking for 8 days, then I started again...and my skin looked worse the day after I started again. I'm quitting today!
  3. I know there are a million topics out there about smoking and acne. I'm still trying to figure out the relation. I've had mild acne for a few years, I've been on diane 35 (dianette) for 9 months. My skin totally cleared up but when I quit it came back in a few months. I'm the only one in my family with skin problems. Parents never had acne, and my sisters and brother neither. I'm trying to figure out why I get it, and they don't. It's not very bad, but it irritates me. There's one difference bet