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  1. Day 88: I don't have a picture to show but I will update in a few weeks with one. Well, I'm still happy with my clearer skin. It has been a few day though since these small flesh toned bumps surfaced around my mouth and eyebrows. Mainly in the areas where I don't use BP. I can't tell what caused this mild breakout.... so I decided today that I am going to use salicylic acid tonight to see if it will help unplug the pores. Hi ima-qt! Yup, I still have some dryness and flakiness! Dan's m
  2. Hi Rachael! What you are going through is exactly what I went through. I was quite red for awhile and ended up reducing the amount of BP. Then about two weeks into the regimen, I had a lot of dryness and peeling!!! It was quite horrible but I'm glad I stuck with it.... and I hope you do the same. It may take some time, but you will begin to see an improvement. I found that Dan's moisturizer helped control most of the flaking. Maybe you should give that a try... It has jojoba oil in it
  3. The regimen is still doing its thing even though I had to stop for a few days. I had PRK eye surgery on Sept. 9th, so I wasn't allowed to use any face products for 5 days. I had a few small whiteheads pop up near my eyebrows because I avoided washing near my eyes for awhile after the procedure. But now everything is back to normal... religiously following the regimen! Day 67: http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q316/cd...ember202007.jpg
  4. Day 50: I'm quite happy with the progress I am seeing! I still get the occasional pimple tho, which always sucks... but I try to tell myself that at least it isn't as bad as before. Dan's moisturizer is still the best at dealing with skin flaking and drying associated with using BP. And my skin is still more reddish than normal. Does anyone know if it will ever go away.... http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q316/cd...tember32007.jpg
  5. Day 29: I finally received the new moisturizer today! I have only used it once but it works sooooo much better than dove!! And for the past few days, I had to stop using BP in the mornings because the dryness was unbearable. I have a huge pustule on my right side and a few smaller pimples to show for it. Not too bad I guess... once I'm back on track, those should be gone by the weekend. I definitely would recommend Dan's moisturizer if you're having a lot of dryness or flakiness!
  6. I finally ordered some more BP along with the new moisturizer. My skin has been flaking like crazy and I hope it will help. I am now using the recommended amount of BP morning and night. And along with that adjustment came some brand new pimples. One is still quite large... doesn't hurt tho. But the others have already flattened.... leaving only red marks in its place!!
  7. It has been about two weeks since I first started the regimen. I am using almost a full finger length of BP, morning and night. The only downfall is that my face has become dry and flaky... even with a lot of moisturizer. I'm going to stick it out until my next order of BP-- I want to try Dan's moisturizer first!
  8. Well, today is day five on the new regimen. My face looks much better overall, but I noticed this morning that I had three or four new pimples - very tiny tho. It looks as if the post acne marks are resurfacing. I plan on slowly increasing the amount of BP I use - only at night though. If my face doesn't turn beet red, I'll do the same in the morning.
  9. My face has been a bit red while using an inch length of BP... I've reduced the amount just a tad and it has helped. http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q316/cd.../July202007.jpg
  10. Hello everyone! My name is Carla. I am a 24 yr old female and have been dealing with acne for a couple years now. I would normally get the hormonal type acne during that time of the month.. it use to be nothing big really. But I had the urge to see a dermatologist anyway. I was put on several prescription meds over the course of a year (in '03) and nothing ever worked. I think it actually made my skin worse. I finally told them, after doing my own research, to put me on Retin-a. It was