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  1. 20mg daily did nothing for my acne at all and was far too weak. I weigh 11 stone so maybe 20mg is only good for 7 or 8 stone girls.
  2. Ive had acne since I was 14 and Im now 25. Ive never had leg acne up until a few months ago I started getting zits on my thighs, groin and knees! I didnt even know you could get zits on your legs. How is this treated?
  3. Was hoping not to do that as 12 months is already way to long for tane?
  4. I am about to finish a 12 month course of tane and although my skin has been perfect since the start of month 4 I am very worried about my acne returning. I have nearly doubled my cummulative dose, plus this is my second course of tane,plus im 25 so Im hoping I should be done with acne for life. It would be soul destroying to go back to having bad skin now.
  5. What is the best proceedure to follow once finishing your course? Should I start a nightly BP regimen, should I continue to use tane in a much milder dose, like 5-10mg daily. Whats the best way to prevebt acne coming back and maintain accutanes results?
  6. I weigh 11 stone but I didnt want to do a full dose course as my acne was quite mild(persistant though,moderate case of constant mild acne that would not cure). Tane is definately wearing off as I noticed today the dryness is going. Really think I should up to 60mg daily.
  7. Hello everyone. In January I started a long term low dose course of tane. I started on 20mg daily for the 1st 8 weeks and was then upped it to 40mg daily which I am still on today and will be on untill I hit cumulative dose next month. Anyway, by the end of week 15 I was clear and never got one single spot until about 2 weeks ago! Recently I have started getting small whiteheads around my chin and neck, maybe only once a week and they are very small, nothing like the whiteheads prior to tane
  8. I was on 20mg daily for 10 weeks and it didnt feel like it was doing anything. No improvement in my acne and side effects like dry lips or dry skin. So I upped my dose to 40mg daily and this has been a wonderful dose for me, I really found the sweet spot. I may have given up on 20mg daily to soon, it could have just been about to kick in. Id say give it 16 weeks and if its still no better up it to 40mg daily.
  9. I havent broke out for ages but just had a couple on my neck at the end of month 4? I thinkthis could be a sign my acne will come back, Im thinking of doing 10mg daily for life if it does.
  10. Ive been on tane since January now, the first 10 weeks I did 20mg daily and the rest has been 40mg daily. Ive been on tane overall for 4 months now my skin is beautiful, Im not getting brand new whiteheads every morning despite using creams and washes and being 24! Anyway, Im staying on 40mg's daily until I hit cumulative dose. Will cumulative be enough to cure me for good or does cumulative dose only work with full strength tane like 80mg daily? Im of the opinion they are both the same a
  11. Ive done 10 weeks on 20mg daily and 5 weeks on 40 mg daily and Im still getting zits! Tane is so slow to work!
  12. Since starting Tane I have had regular zits on my thighs and forearms. This is definately tane related because in allthe years Ive had acne I never got zits there pre tane. Has anyone else had the pleasure of arm and thigh zits whilst on tane?
  13. Why do I get spots in my eyebrows?