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  1. Haha I drop in on this every couple months to see if anything came up question wise... crazy to think that was six years ago I'm doing well, I have normal acne issues (pimple here or there), but none of my serious stuff has ever come back. The scars are still there, but they're part of me and what has brought me to the man I am today, so I don't mind so much. I won't say it's not helpful that my wife to be (a former ORG mod as well) understands what I went through Good luck Sp
  2. Its 100% possible to go without it altogether even without other sexual activities. I started abstaining from masturbation a couple years ago, I'm a virgin, and I plan to keep as such until I'm married. Most days its not even something I think about anymore, and then every once in a while I'll get an urge in response to some stimuli (on a movie, advertisement etc), but nothing that focusing on something else cant fix. You tend to have a wet dream once or twice a month, sometimes more sometimes l
  3. lol we were in Lake Jackson at my grandmothers for Thanksgiving
  4. My mom is from that area! Lake Jackson. I've spent many a time visiting my grandmother in that area
  5. I'm going to go ahead an celebrate 100,000 views since the next time they update it will probably be over lol
  6. Goooooooo Texas! Where on the coast? I'm born and bred in Austin, I'm graduating from UT in May
  7. coming up on 3 years post tane and life is better than ever. If you look at the pictures from the beginning of this log, you'll know that no matter how bad things are now, things DO GET BETTER! PS I'm interested in which comes first 600 posts or 100k views...
  8. Does it make me a bad boyfriend that I just now realized you were doing a log? Honestly I didn't even know you were having skin problems and I kiss your face, A LOT also I just want to say that last photo TOTALLY proves you could do super short hair if you wanted too..
  9. I never win arguments like this with you lol If anybody has questions, or needs someone to talk to I still check in here regularly
  10. I think it depends on the severity of your acne and where it is as to whether or not you get cut up. If you're in the middle of your course your skin is probably pretty thin and dry especially at the points of pimples. A shave that close will probably take of the tips of some and make you bleed a little.
  11. Theres actually quite a few ORG couples if you can believe it
  12. what about a slap from a really pretty female japanese sumo wrestler?
  13. thanks Le Cols 20, In your own way I'm sure that was a compliment No need to get feisty candice, I've been called much worse before
  14. It's the worst ive seen on these forums, and i've been around these parts for a while now lol You should check out my log theres a link in my signature Really you weren't :think: then who exactly did I kiss after i posted this Anyways carry on with the positiveness :)
  15. Not long ago I was this now i'm this Things do get better, I promise
  16. Hey man we're in your area and still haven't heard from you. Need to know if we can stay with you or not. You have my contact info in a pm

    1. Oh hey yall bumped this old thing, it may get to 100k after all Most Recent pic Feel free to ask any questions here or in PM. I'm here to serve
    2. Life is too short to be mad, I'd spend my precious moments with better emotions