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  1. I've had mild/moderate acne before accutane. My doctor set me up on a 4 month, 80mg per day. Is 4 months basically standard on accutane treatments? And by the way, I'm 99.9% clear with the exception of one tiny pimple a month.
  2. Only the moisturizer. I've found alternatives to the cleanser that are way less expensive.
  3. If I recall, Accutane should not be taken with the tetracycline drug group.
  4. I'm not sure. She said she doesn't like generics. If I had to pay $1400 for the brand name, I would not. Even if it was $300, which it would be if I did not call my insurance provider. I'm pretty sure generics work similar to the brand name stuff.
  5. Holy crap. I talked to the pharmacist about getting Accutane. He said it would cost $350 with insurance...w/o insurance it would have been $1,400. I called my insurance provider, and they said that the doctor had to specify that the brand should be Accutane with no substitutions allowed in order to pay the price of $10. Now I have to wait for my doctors approval (which is pretty good since she says she hates generic Isotretinoin), and wait for the drug to be ordered. I have a 5 day supply of Sot
  6. Every time I get acne meds (from benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin, to accutane), I get generic brands. My doctor wanted me specifically on the Accutane brand, but the first time I filled it up I received Sotret. The next time I received Clavaris. I already picked up my isotretinoin, just to find out back home that it's made from Barr Labs. Do I call my doctor or the CVS pharmacy?
  7. I'm getting a moderate bloody nose every single morning when I wash my face and irritate my nose area. I try to be as gentle as I can, but no matter what, I get a nose bleed! Is this a result of isotretinoin? Or is it the winter? Or both? I'm so sick of this.
  8. Cost me $10... W/O insurance in the US, it would cost over $500
  9. When do the side effects usually come in? I'm taking 1 40mg dose a day, for 3 days so far.
  10. How much is Walmart? At CVS it's like $510 for 60 (40mg) pills. Good thing I only had to pay $10 w/insurance.
  11. Probably on Monday or Tuesday, since UPS is slower than the post office.
  12. I'm supposed to take 1x 40 mg. pill a day for 2 weeks, then twice a day after. Say I took one at supper (6pm), when should I take the next one the next day?
  13. I'm starting on 40mg once a day for 2 weeks, then twice a day.
  14. How do I get my pills out of the plastic case thingy? I spent 5 minutes trying to pop one out, and eventually I had to use scissors. It came with instructions but I just couldn't do it. My brand is Sotret.