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  1. I feel your pain, I have also suffered from acne scars and I know how bad it feels. You are brave for reaching out for support and solutions. Luckily you are young and capable of healing well. You will need multiple subcision treatments with at least 3-6 months of healing in between, but I’m confident you can see substantial improvement with several procedures over a period of long time (at least several years dedicated to scar treatment.) Save up and go to one of the top acne experts to get sub
  2. There wasn't a lot of redness... The scabs looked the worst. When they fell off, the skin underneath looked better and it was easier to cover with makeup. The redness faded within a month.
  3. Thank you! He did both subcision and phenol cross in one session, on every area. So it’s hard to say which one had more results... haha
  4. I just made a quick and to the point video on this process with photos
  5. 3 months post procedure follow up: https://imgur.com/a/hvZ8viY I’m really happy with my skin now it is miraculous how one procedure can change everything so much. I can safely say my skin went from moderate to mild scarring. I don’t think about my skin as much anymore. It was so worth it.
  6. This is the one I used https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HRHK3FL/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Thanks for that, with treatment you will see improvements! There is hope
  7. If you have the luxury of living near a specialist, then sure you can space them out. It is very common for Dr. Rullan's patients to get the "combo treatment", which is microneedling, CROSS and subcision all at the same visit. I opted not to do the microneedling since I can do that at home, and I also thought it would be better to not completely traumatize my skin on one day lmao. Dr. Rullan is in the top 1% of acne scar specialists so many who travel all over the world to see him try to get eve
  8. Yeah what superburrito said, plus Rullan isn't well known for fillers and it'd be too much of a pain in the ass to run and get fillers elsewhere after the procedure. I only had one professional treatment with Dr. Rullan. It made about a 40% total improvement and right now it's 2 months out. 100% worth it, will do it again one day when I save up more.
  9. Thank you!! I will definitely do more treatments after I graduate and get a career in my field. In a lot of debt right now and atfer working for a bit I think I'll go back for more
  10. Thanks for your encouragement! The phenol cross was just him applying the acid with a small brush into all my indented scars. The applied areas turned a darker color and were thin flakes of skin that fell off within 9 days. I'm not sure what you mean by curettage.
  11. 8 week update: My results look pretty much consistent. I have to admit, most of my "after" photos have been taken during the morning or late morning, soon after awaking. I wonder if most of the improvement is just morning swelling. When I take photos late at night, most of my scars look pretty similar to before and it's hard to really see much of an improvement compared to the before photos. I don't want to discourage anybody but it's really difficult to say if I have much of an improvement
  12. Update: here are my 6 week (final?) results with before and after side by side the most dramatic improvement is my left temple, which had the worst scarring. Improvement of 50%+. in the areas of milder scarring, improvement is 20-50%. https://imgur.com/a/oxTP9J2
  13. Everything I’ve experienced has already been commented on in this thread. Sending you all lots of love. There are good scar treatment methods out there, there is hope! Even if you never treat the scars, life is still beautiful and worth living. You are valid, you are loved and you have a purpose in this world. additionally, I just remembered I did a video addressing this issue (or just a random flow of consciousness) while ago, feel free to check it out note this was before I got my s
  14. Holy crap!! I was quoted $1500 for the trio this summer. I opted for just phenol cross and subcision and that came out to $1350. I’d like to just get phenol cross again, I wonder how much that would be.