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  1. Brad pit used to have acne scars, Ive seen them in old pictures. He must have gotten them fixed. I don't see them now.
  2. Still looking good, can't wait to try some more later!!!!
  3. Ok most of the scabbing has cleared.. The indentation, is less deep then it used to be, I am so happy, I am going to try again in a few weeks, I will use a toothpick this time though. I did put lots of neopsorin on after words, some CP lotion and aloe vera.. Good luck to other needlers!
  4. So far so good, I did the needling and its still flat, some scabs are forming and drying up. Cant wait to see it after scabs go away.. Yes a paper clip!
  5. Hi, I used it, It didn't do anything for me, but I have tough skin, it wasnt strong enough for me, not worth the money .
  6. I typed in royal jelly on search and cant find anything about it, DO they sell on ebay, what form is it in? I see soap and creams etc. Thanks
  7. I did self needling for the first time, with a paper clip and 70% TCA, I am so pleased, I know its the swelling but its the first time I haven't seen my indentations for 10 years.. How long does the effect last, how often can you needle?
  8. They never respond to any questions I ever had, they seem quite rude, Not good for business.
  9. Can anyone tell me of a website that sells the APeel, I rather not get it from this ebay person. Thanks.
  10. Are those other apeels that are cheaper the same thing, I see for 45 dollars? What's the active ingredient, in the main a peel. Thanks