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  1. I bought mine today at the Rideau Centre in Ottawa at a store called Nutrition House. It was the Nature's Way Dim-plus kind...60 capsules for $32.00 (after tax). Yikes!
  2. For me, it's hormonal. I only get pimples during PMS. I also get them when I eat potatoes. Now that I stay away from potatoes, I realize pimples only arrive during my cycle. I am taking vitamin B6 to alleviate pre-menstrual acne and it has been working. I still get a few pimples but nothing like before. I am also taking 5g of vitamin B5 but my acne during my cycle didn't really get better until I added the vitamin B6 (and B-complex). Could just be the combination of these 3 vitamins....
  3. Ya, the Green Goodness is my fave too. I was going to suggest this juice in your other thread but now see you're already aware. Enjoy!
  4. What about aloe vera gel? People use it on sunburns. I use it on red marks and it works wonderfully.
  5. I suffer from hormonal acne as well. I started taking 5g of vitamin B5 in late August just to see what it would do. Everyone says to take 10g but I had no interest in taking that much since my acne is not bad enough so I stuck with 5g. It worked (and still is working) well but I was still getting pimples on my chin and jawline 1 week before my menstrual cycle. I found a bunch of readings online about vitamin B6 possibly helping female hormonal acne. I decided to buy a bottle and after nearl
  6. I put it anywhere that it's red and/or has a red mark from an old pimple. Works very well...not immediate results but close enough. Putting it all over the face would be fine. People use it for sunburns too...
  7. I've been using it for 2 months and found that it helps reduce/eliminate breakouts EXCEPT during my menstrual cycle. I do not find that it helps with my red marks though. Aloe Vera gel does a better job at fading my red marks. This is just for my skin though; apparently it works for other people's red marks. That said, I love the stuff and highly recommend it!
  8. I can't eat potatoes or corn but seem to be fine with rice and other grains. I found that I can get away with eating potatoes and corn on occasion as long as it's not near my monthly cycle. One week before my period, I break out no matter what I eat it seems...but even worse if I eat potatoes or corn.
  9. nyugirl, My acne is hormonal. Do the pills work during your menstrual cycle as well? If your acne is hormonal, that is? Thanks!
  10. I've been using AG cleanser for a month now and I absolutely love it. It gets rid of any new pimples. BUT, I still feel little bumps on my face and would like to add a BHA. I am unsure when I should use the BHA; before OR after I wash my face with AG cleanser? Thanks to anyone who can provide some advice
  11. I use it as a spot treatment and I love it! Dries the pimple up quickly and then I put BP on it overnight. Turns the pimple white but then the discoloration fades after about 30 minutes. I prefer it over BP....
  12. I disagree as well. Granted, it does nothing for my red marks but it does keep the new pimples away. I will keep using it for that reason alone.