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  1. has anyone ever taken accutane or doryx medcation and drank. im going to a party this friday and i havent been out in a while because of my acne. i really need to get out and party. so has anyone drank alcohol with antibiotics for acne
  2. man i have wasted some free duac tubes lol
  3. how long do you wait after you put on the cream to apply sun block?
  4. whud up. i think i know what you are talkin bout. like my cousin popped all his pimples as a kid and still has the little holes. im pretty sure now you can get it taken care of because of the nw meds
  5. i prolly drink 10 bottles of water a day and usually if i dont drink enough water my face feels funny. so i think drinkin alot of water really does work.
  6. i dont think body fat has anything to do with breakin out but some people are like that
  7. Ive been taking Doryx for about 2 months . . . Any one ever treid it and how long did it take to see results?
  8. Probaly the worst thing said to me about my acne was like "Pimple Boy"-From my little cousin who is 8 but i always get back with a couple punches Then my cousin pulled out some toner and his skin is nice but what made it worst was that he said "you should get this, its a lil something for the ladies." The worst thing i think are the things not said because they just stare at you. thats the worst!