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  1. how long after finishing accutane did common side effects such as dry eyes, dry skin and chapped lips go away?
  2. hi, I will be finishing my 16 week course of Roaccutane in 5 days. So far my acne has improved a little but my skin is by no means clear and i have been breaking out throughout the treatment, i also have quite a bit of scarring on my cheeks. Can anyone tell me if they have had a similar experience to me and if it is likely for my skin to improve after i have completed my course of Roaccutane. Thanks
  3. Hi, i will be finishing my course of Roaccutane on 29th July. On the 5th August i will be going on holiday with my friends and will no doubt be consuming an excessive amount of alcohol. Is it ok for me to do this since i will have only been off roaccutane for a week.
  4. hi, Ive been on roaccutane for 4 months now and have seen little improvement, and i have been regularly breaking out throughout the treatment. Is this normal. I weigh 81kg and am on 60mg per day.
  5. hi I have been on roaccutane for 3 months now with no improvement and i have constantly read that i shud see some improvement soon. But how is this improvement likely to occur. Will it happen suddenly within a space of a few days or is it a gradual process which will slowly improve my skin over a longer time period.
  6. Please could someone help me. Ive been on accutane for 3 months and my acne is no better than before i started and if anything is a little bit worse. Has anyone else experienced the same as me and when did their acne start to improve? I weigh 81kg and am currently taking 60mg a day, is this a reasonable dosage or should it be higher? For the first 2 months i was on 40mg a day.